Thursday, March 5, 2015

Standing By Your Side part two: acoustic song by Mustered Courage

Hello Grafted in Reader,
Wow, has it been that long?
It just seems we were here posting about compassion, and what some others had to say about it. Life and time rolls on doesn't it?
Two evenings ago, I submitted a story to an online contest. The web site is on the I won't know if my story places for a couple weeks or so, but will be sure to let you know if it does in a blog post or otherwise. There are other storiues one can read, and worth the entertainment!

Our son is home visiting for a few days, and is back to being a civilion. He had served in the US Marines for the past 5 years, and we spent one afternoon laughing over some comedic skits on YouTube from A Prairie Home Companion, and the comedy duo of Nichols and May who leave their legacy of laughs with us.

I am going to close with a thought that sounds simple at first, but has a considerable amount of stuff to ponder if one cares to do that. It is a statement made by Rabbi Yeshua when he gave his sermon on the hill recorded in the New Covenant Scriptures (book of Matthew).
It is this, "Feed my sheep."
Does this take into account the whole of creation?
Is this other human beings as is commonly asserted?
Is it both creation and humanity?
You decide!
Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be with us at the table of life and on the journey of life.
Mellow Roc

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