Thursday, June 11, 2009

Extraordinary Thursday

Today is Thursday. On this day in my personal history: grandparents used to come over and play cards with my parents on Thursdays as a youngster, I proposed to my wife on a Thursday, we had our first date on a Thursday, 3 summers ago I began to have a phone study with the late Rabbi Stan Greene, who gets the major credit for introducing me to the Messianic Perspective of faith, and subsequently, I often use Thursday evenings to further educate myself in faith matters. I will likely read chapter 2 of Bound For Freedom, this Thursday..
This morning, we read more of At The Feet of Rabbi Jesus, and learned how the tossils on garments were a symbol of faith and authority in the ancient Middle East, and to a great degree still today.
So when Yeshua asks, who touched the hem of my garment, on the account of the woman healed of a long-term blood disorder, it wasn't just a quip, Who touched me, who bumped me, who is in my way?
I hope one day conventional church leaders will begin to integrate facts like this into their sermons... I yet to hear one contend that Pentecost and the giving of the commandments at Mt Sinai likely occurred around the same date, though different times, but illustrates God ever wanting to communicate with humankind, us..
Back to tossils and such, We all probably have long-term things we want to "touch the hem of His garment" with. I pray with you today for God to be merciful and gracious as you pursue touching Him in prayer again. I remind you and myself, his favor, grace, is made perfect in our weakness..
One final item, I was at the Messianic Musings blog by Derek4messiah, and cannot figure out how to comment. I often lurk there as I like the topics discussed generally speaking.
Thanks for your time with me.. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

bonhomie to you

It is just a little before noon on this Shabbat, Sabbath, Saturday, and listening to some praise music from the UCB channel. I want to thank the 2 folks who sent comments on my first blog, thanks warmly and hope you will feel free to leave more as time passes.. I like acquiring words of the day from and saw the above word, bonhomie, which means good natured. For me, that can result when at peace with G-d, others, family, and myself. I know the grumps too, ask my wife and kids about that.. Do you think being good natured is a trait that might be something a believer should possess, is there a place for the grump too? See you again soon, probably in a couple days..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


his is my first attempt at blogging but the subject at hand is a familiar one to those who share interest in the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith. There are blogs a plenty on this but am hoping to meet some new folks through this means and share together what latest thing, concept, word, insight we have been privileged to gain. I have been a believer much of my life, middle-aged and married, see profile. Unique to me, I am an out of sight guy, have been since infancy due to premature birth and optic nerves becoming split from incubation; lucky or rather blessed to be here.. Favorite authors in this realm include: J. K. McKee, Tom Bradford, Lois Tvertberg, Marvin Wilson and about to embark on a book by Gordon Larsson titled Bound For Freedom, commentary on the Tanakh book of Exodus. I hope you might say hi, and will post 2 or 3 times a month. If interested, you can view columns I have written titled Shalom Reader that appear in the Pilgrim Lutheran Church newsletter, go to their web site. I don't have the URL in front of me. Meantime, shalom and thanks for reading and responding. Mellow Roc