Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nativ Lechayyim, Hebrew meaning path and to life... Today is Wednesday June 19, 2013 and this post hopefully reflects the ongoing dynamic mentioned in my last post regarding "doing something" to answer the age-old question, why wait? Doing something for me since last posting has included joining some on line writers forums, reading a couple alternative blogs concerning "the paths" we choose which are said to be twisty-turny and not linear with the occasional incline and or incline and descent only. I had a Music History professor in college who said once at the end of a given class hour, We see truth from extremes. So viewing the alternative may be helpful for us humans to see the truth for us today. The truth of how we can be on the path, the truth of what that path looks like, the truth of what that path provides for us experiencially instead of what we may dream it or wish it to be. The path Spiritually is life-inducing not death-inducing. Little qualities like possessiveness, greed, gossip, self-pity, lust, coldness, fear, bitterness and unforgiveness areexamples of traits that chronically lead to death according to the experts and I would agree. What leads to life today? Well, a kind word, a smile, a song in one's heart, encouragement, warmth, love, working to forgive, admission of one's struggle to their God or a trusted friend or even both, sharing, being real or genuine not out to self-satisfy and gratify only. I say these things to remind "us" and hope what we do today is "to life." If you would be interested in corresponding with me about this or my novel "Winds Of Change" feel free to email me at Meantime, kevud Yehoveh, His presence accompany us today! See you via blog in a few days.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello to you in blog land,  I do not publish as often due in part to the new way this has been set up, and I have been posting more on Facebook or other like forums.  The novel I wrote, Winds Of Change was published at the end of November by Crossbooks.  One can secure a soft cover version from them, will post link at end of visit, or from one of the major on line book chains like B and N or Amazon.  B and N stands for Barnes and Noble.  I am learning to market in small steps, and not exactly sure where this venture will take me but know His Presence will ever be with me.  Please continue to remember myself in prayer, and will do the same for you as the struggles change, but He who has begun a good work in us will continue it to the day of redemption..  Kevud Yehoveh, His presence accompany us.  Here is the link to my novel.