Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dear Companion - The Early Mays (acoustic)

Hello Grafted in Reader,
Today is Thursday March 26, 2015, and it has been quite the month for yours truly, and imagine you could say the same where you are..
Highlights include a 2-week home visit by our son after finishing his tour in the US Marines, leaving a writing group at a social media site so as to pursue other similar options, making plans to take an online course in Biblical Hebrew and writing for income - from two separate entities, starting to read "A Widow's Story" by author Joyce Carol Oates, her memoir, and received my first formal story critique from the editor of an E-zine. I welcomed his words and instructive recommendations.
Of late, I have been going through the online Devotion, "My Utmost For His Highest" by the late Oswald Chambers.
It presents a considerably different perspective on the faith, compared to that espoused by many today. The men and women who occupy the pulpits and seminaries in north America and adhere to a Gospel with minimal accountability or responsibility will have to answer for that on The Great Day.
They also follow appointed times by man, not God and care little to examine this fallacy that began in the third and fourth centuries.
In the coming days, may we clean the leaven that occupies our hearts, minds, and lives. We celebrate our redemption from the church of Egypt and make our long sojourn to Zion henceforth.
His Presence accompany us, Kevod Yeheveh.
Mellow Roc

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