Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Life (Acoustic Song, Sarah Jarosz)

Post Holiday Greeting Grafted In Readers,

Do you feel like you are in the middle of two holidays?

You are.

Currently, Hanukkah is ongoing.

Christmas occurred on December 24 and 25 in the west.

New Years Eve and New Years Day occur over the weekend in the west.

The eighth day of Hanukkah is very early next week also.

We probably find ourselves reflecting, thinking, wanting to nap, wondering can we return to normal, wanting to live on the wild side, be done with words, be done with events, just read a book, view a movie or television program, have this moment and what it contains pass.

Whatever the annoyance and our perceived quick fix I found a quote by writer Monica Johnson, on that I like. It fits her and all of us:

Regret is not a proactive feeling. It is situated in disappointment, sorrow, even remorse. It merely wishes things were different without an act to cause a difference. However, repentance is different. Repentance is an admission of, hatred of, and turning away from sin before God.
Monica Johnson

Thanks Monica. As you and I get ready for 2017, let's just ask Adonai to come alongside us and enter 2017 with us. Help us reshape those areas where we stumble and trip numerous times, improve our choices, correct our blind-spots, and help us use our strengths to aid someone else where they are coming up short. Perhaps this can be the year to begin a rebuilding of the human condition rather than a microscopic examination and ongoing critique of it. Perhaps we can try rebuilding each other and say, Go, your faith will make you whole!

In the coming months, a Forgiveness Anthology will help people with the art of forgiving.

Waiting For Messiah will be another anthology to aid us in relying on someone bigger than ourselves, Yeshua the Jewish Messiah not a Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic, Church of Christ, but a Jewish Messiah who comes to seek and save that which is lost, you and me!

I hope you might be involved in praying for these projects and perhaps in sharing them with friends and acquaintances when they become available.

Kevod Yeheveh, His Peace Restore the wasted moments of our lives.

Mellow Rock
David Russell

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Come What May (Acoustic song, Covin and Earle)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Are you about ready to settle down for a long winter's nap if you live on the side of the equator where December 21st issues in the season of Winter, today? You're not alone! No, not depressed but glad we are having temperatures that will be slightly above freezing for the next few days.

To our friends in the UK, Happy Summer, enjoy those "barbees and outdoor activities." You deserve to have this season of fun!

I titled this post with the generality, Come What May, and one of those things is the end of the year top stories, top songs, top memories, and of course top words. In the US, The Merriam Webster Dictionary publishers chose surreal as their word of the year, but the Oxford English Dictionary went with post-truth. I will cite a portion of their definition here:
"Relating to circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion..." Being an election "era" where debates went on for months, entertainment value believed to be essential, the candidates put on quite a show for the US public and the world at large. The political conventions too had their share of spectacle. Other words of interest on the short list include:
-Coulrophobia: An extreme irrational fear of clowns.
-Latinx: A person of Latin American origin or descent. This replaces Latina/Latino.
-Schadenfreud: A german term, defined to mean malicious enjoyment of the misfortunes of others.

Tune in again next year or go to your favorite online dictionary to keep informed of new words you can use to impress the others in your sphere of influence.

Meantime, Kevod Yeheveh, his Peace surround you through the Holidays and remember Yeshua is the light of our world as we celebrate Hanukkah! It begins Sunday evening, Dec. 24.

Mellow Roc
David Russell

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside (Song Standard)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016 in my corner of blog land. Yes, we had our first major snowfall on December 11, and schools across the region were canceled on Monday making many children a bit happy. I am going to do something a bit different this post and share one of my hobbies with you. I am a word collector, which comes in handy as a writer. For a few years, I have noted various sources that put out online something called The Word of The Day and have three recent ones to share with you. Try these in general conversation some time.

-Elucidate: It is a verb. It is defined to make something clear, explain. You might say, Elucidate that to me.

-this one is a couple centuries old from the French, hors de com. It can be both an adverb and adjective. It is defined as out of combat or disabled. The concussion made him hors de com.

-The final word for us is irascible: said to be an adjective. It is defined to mean easily made angry. The sentence sample says, "He was always irascible and quick to get into a fight." These are from the website and the Miriam Webster Dictionary website, respectively.

In Brief:
I am happy to tell you work is in progress on the anthology, Waiting for Messiah. Thus far two stories are submitted, and a third is in the works. We have a group going on Facebook, Writers Waiting for Messiah, and one on Same name under, Writers 750. Stories again are imagined accounts of first-century citizens of Israel awaiting messiah. The fun is in imagining the process and finding resources to help make that realistic in description! If interested let me know at your earliest convenience.

Meantime, Kevod Yeheveh, the peace of YHVH be with you always!

Mellow Roc

Monday, December 5, 2016

A Letter To The Editor (faith Perspective)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Monday, December 5, 2016, in my corner of blog land. Temperatures remain mild and somewhat wet where I live, but we could get a couple meters of snow later this week! It is nearing winter and of course, snow time here.

This morning, I composed a Letter To The Editor of one of our local newspapers that I would like to share with you. There is a considerable amount of writing that many in the western church still ignore that puts a positive light on the Jewishness of Yeshua.

My letter, less than 200 words is in question format, and challenges pastors, priests and all of us as persons of faith to consider thanking our ancestors for the heritage we have as believers and Christians.
This is my post today. If you wish to copy and share it, be my guest!

Dear Editor/Reader:
Where is the little town of Bethlehem?
For religious observance of Christmas, can clergy stand in front of their congregations and publicly thank the Jewish faith for: the Tehillim, Hebrew language with emphasis on action, the Daily Amidah, encouraging obedience, justice, care of the poor?
Also admit God too is King in our seasonal hymns?
State the reason(s) for ignoring the Biblical feasts and only portraying the nice sides of church history?
Finally, are we too smug and arrogant as 21st century western Christians?
David Russell

Kevod Yeheveh, His peace be among us today and tonight and tomorrow.

Mellow Rock

Friday, December 2, 2016

Sharing Appetizers Together!

Hello Grafted in Readers,

Today is Friday, December 2nd in my corner of Blog-land. We are experiencing a rainy start to the month of December here, with a very minimal amount of snow, which is mostly in flurry form occurring overnight for a brief period of time and then melting. No complaint here!

Continuing our health theme, our bodies are temples, and people of faith adhere to this belief as we feel God makes His dwelling within each of us. He writes His instruction on our minds and we are given charge to take care of what we have been given. With that in mind, I want to share a recipe with you from the Mayo Clinic Newsletter, HouseCall.
In fact, the most recent issue that came out on December 1, 2016, had a link to Appetizer Recipes. Categories include:
fruit recipes; fish and shellfish recipes; bean and legume recipes; poultry and meat recipes; rice and grain recipes; vegetable recipes and dairy recipes.

Here is one for a favorite of mine, Crispy Potato Skins. Two medium half potato skins per serving. Note that..

Benefits: No Cholesterol, no saturated or monosaturated fat, 2 g protein, 5 g dietary fiber, 27 g carbohydrates.

Seasonings: Use either fresh basil, fresh chives, dill or thyme.

Ingredients and Preparation
-One medium russett potato per person;
-butter-flavored cooking spray applied to potatos;
-one tablespoon minced rosemary applied to each potato;
-one teaspoon ground pepper applied to each potato;
-Add the above seasoning to each potato;

-Preheat the oven to 375 F.
-Pierce potatos with prongs of a fork so there are little airholes.
-Once oven has preheated, place potatos on flat baking pan or sheet in oven.
-Bake until crispy, about 50 minutes to 1 hour.
-Remove, allow to set and cool for 10 or so minutes.

-Then, scoop out the pulp.

-Leave about one-eighth inch of the potato flesh attached to the skin.

Note: From experience, best served the same day prepared, and at least warm on sturdy paper-plates or plastic plates. Can be eaten as finger food. My opinion..

For those of you who are observing Advent, I would like to recommend a very intriguing entertaining read. I am currently reading, The Christmas Mystery, by Jostein Gaarder, Norwegian author, and thoroughly enjoying this novella. It was published in the '90s and there are good reviews about it on

Your hello and comments are always welcomed, and sorry if I do not respond immediately as occurred recently. I do check the reader stats often, and am very happy you do notice my words!

Kevod Yeheveh, His Peace is with you.

Mellow Rock