Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Shall We Fast Together?

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Today is June 30 in my corner of blog land. It has been quite the month and continues to be quite the year in North America and internationally. We have a lot on our plate at this time. That brings me to our topic for this post, intermittent fasting.
A friend made me more aware of this approach to eating in recent discussion. I had read about it some time ago in the online writings of one Dr. Joseph Mercola.
If you have issues with weight, cholesterol, sugar or glucose intake, immunity, this may be a lifestyle change to consider implementing. Talk with your healthcare person as well.
I found this methodology outlined in "Medical News Today" and know which alternative(s) may work best for me at this time. Here they are:
There are four potential methods that a person may try when fasting for health reasons. A person should pick the plan that suits their preferences and which they think they can stick with.
These include:
• Eat Stop Eat
• Warrior Diet
• Leangains
• Alternate Day Fasting
Typically, a person should stick with one fasting method for a month or longer to see if it works for them before trying a different method. Anyone who has a medical condition should talk to their healthcare provider before beginning any fasting method.
When deciding on a method, a person should remember that they do not need to eat a certain amount or type of food or avoid foods altogether. A person can eat what they want. However, to reach health and weight loss goals, it is a good idea to follow a healthful, high-fiber, vegetable-rich diet during the eating periods.
Binging on unhealthful foods on eating days can hinder health progress. It is also extremely important to drink lots of water or other no-calorie beverages throughout the fast days.
Eat Stop Eat
Brad Pilon developed Eat Stop Eat, which is a fasting method that involves eating nothing for 24 hours twice a week. It does not matter what days a person fasts or even when they begin. The only restriction is fasting must last for 24 hours and on non-consecutive days.
People who do not eat for 24 hours will likely become very hungry. Eat Stop Eat may not be the best method for people who are unfamiliar with fasting to start with.
Warrior Diet
Ori Hofmekler is the creator of the Warrior Diet, which entails eating very little for 20 hours each day. A person fasting in this way consumes all their typical food intake in the remaining 4 hours.
Eating a whole day’s worth of food in such a short time can make a person’s stomach quite uncomfortable. This is the most extreme fasting method, and similarly to Eat Stop Eat, a person new to fasting may not want to start with this method.
Martin Berkhan created Leangains for weightlifters, but it has gained popularity among other people who are interested in fasting. Unlike Eat Stop Eat and the Warrior Diet, fasting for Leangains involves much shorter periods.
For example, males who choose the Leangains method will fast for 16 hours and then eat what they want for the remaining 8 hours of the day. Females fast for 14 hours and eat what they want for the remaining 10 hours of the day.
During the fast, a person must avoid eating any food but can drink as many no-calorie beverages as they like.
Alternate Day Fasting, 5:2 method
Some people fast on alternate days to improve blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight loss. A person on the 5:2 method eats 500 to 600 calories on two non-consecutive days each week.
Some alternate-day fasting regimens add in a third day of fasting each week. For the rest of the week, a person eats only the number of calories they burn during the day. Over time, this creates a calorie deficit that allows the person to lose weight.

- One thing I have begun to implement is read three Psalms a day when first rising. I do so when it is least likely to affect anyone in my household. It has made a difference for me!

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Everybody's Talkin At Me (popular song, '70s)

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Today is June 18, 2020 in my corner of blog land. It has been quite the month for civil roiling, roguish behavior, and near upheaval in North America and spread to international fronts. I will leave it to the "experts" for their explanations, but you can bet the "r" word is a capstone of this latest round of bitching: racism!
Is anything worthwhile going on that deserves some notice?
Yep, let me mention a few.
- This is today the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. (The Tanakh)
- Pandemic still has a grip but it appears to be loosening as people gradually return to pre-pandemic life.
- In many sectors, in-person school for America's children will resume in a couple months.
- Birds sing, grass grows, gardens planted are showing promise!

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Just Some Facts for Conversation

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Today is June 12, 2020, in my corner of blog land. All even numbers in this date: 06/12/20.

Three things to share with you in brief that go along with the focus of this blog.
- In Hebrew, there are two words for love, racham and ahav.
Racham is God's love for us and God's love instilled in us. Once disappointed or betrayed, we most likely experience a second type of love, still deep in scope called chav or ahav.
From Dictionary.com
Did You Know?
A pangram is one sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet, for example: "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Did You Know?
Tuxedo was given its name after gaining popularity among diners at Tuxedo Park, NY.

Did You Know?
Some people say that Shakespeare coined over 1600 words, but most of them likely existed in spoken form before Shakespeare popularized them in his writing.

- Some words starting with Z
- zas a slang word for pizzas
- zie, A noun for he or she.
- zonk, To become unconscious from alcohol or narcotic, to pass out.

Until our next visit, kevod Yeheveh, the presence of God be with us in our ever changing seasons.

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Did You Know?
The word "infant" comes from the Latin word "infans" which literally means "unable to speak; speechless."