Thursday, December 6, 2018

Seasons greetings and Three Key Words!

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is December 6, 2018 in my corner of blog-land. First, Holiday Greetings and shalom to each of us! This is the time of year when Christians and devout Jews each recall miracles specific to faith practice: Hanukkah and Christmas. Unfortunately, most Christians have very little understanding of the story behind Hanukkah. Educate yourself and your faith may be enriched, because, likely, your pastor or priest may not do so.

As many of you know, I am what they call a lover of words. I am frequently adding new words to my card file for use at the "right time." Let me share a couple:

Dingle: It's a noun. Dingle means a small wooded dell. Synonyms include dell, dale, valley and glen.

Delouse: To remove lice.

Hoarfrost: A white layer of pieces of ice like needles that forms on objects outside when it is very cold.

These definitions are from the Collins Dictionary for dingle, and Cambridge Dictionary for delouse and hoarfrost, respectively.

Memoir: Homecoming, A Memoir, by David C. Russell is just days away from being published! It is about 95 pages in length and will be on Smashwords as EBook and Amazon KDP as print book, also Kindle. Please, please consider giving as gift! It will inspire and encourage those who might be meeting a daunting challenge!

Until next visit, Kevod Yeheveh, God's presence accompany you in your life season!

Mellow Rock
David Russell

Monday, November 19, 2018

We Gather Together (Acoustic hymn, Holiday Sentiments)

Hello Grafted in Readers,

For those living in the USA, this week begins the Holiday season with the observance of national Thanksgiving on Thursday. Already, commercial media are focused on holiday shopping and consumerism, but Black Friday is now a term to describe discounted items rather than just a festive shopping day.

I recently subscribed to the newsletter from the long-running "Saturday Evening Post" periodical, and this one featured an article about dinner conversation for holiday occasions. I am going to present a few of their ideas, but if you can find the article online, do read as it is both informing and entertaining.
This is geared more to Thanksgiving also nicknamed 'turkey day' here in the US.
- Proper ways to cook a turkey: roast, bake, in a baking bag, other.
- Auto maintenance: Driving directions. Use maps, GPS, how often to change oil, etc.
- Sports, holiday edition: College bowl games, NBA, NFL, etc.
- How escrow works: What is escrow, examples, getting started, etc.
- Funny animal photos or other comical Memes.
- That old standby, the weather: rainfall, snow, predictions for winter, etc.

I will be playing piano for diners on Thanksgiving much of the afternoon at the River Crab Restaurant. Dinner is by reservation, which I understand to be fairly full. My wife, son and his bride will all have dinner there after my stint concludes late afternoon. This will be my third year for doing this. No dishes, hurray.

Meantime, Kevod Yeheveh, the Lord's presence be with you in your current season. Thanks for dropping by.

Mellow Rock
David Russell

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pick Me Up (Acoustic, Megan Burt)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

October is just about over, and Autumn has truly arrived to the lower midwest with chilly overnights and cooler daytimes. We have mid-term elections in our country in about one week, the campaign ads will then conclude. This past weekend the 2018 major league baseball season concluded with Boston taking the series in four games out of seven from the LA Dodgers. Actually five games, I stand corrected. There was an eighteen inning game on Friday night into early Saturday morning that the Dodgers won.

Unfortunately our nation continues to suffer from quite visible division. Funeral services began today in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area as eleven people were gunned down during worship services at a Jewish synagogue this past Shabbat/Saturday. Three were injured from reports and the assailant will likely receive the death penalty for this being a federal crime. Some Protestants were too caught up in celebrating the anniversary of the Reformation to even pray for this misfortune and the surviving. Little wonder Jews are disinterested in the Jesus portrayed by Catholic-rooted denominations.

My autobiographical narrative has a new title under consideration, and is at the book editing and publishing service for final checks. Since learning Barnes and Noble may be up for sale, I have chosen to publish on Amazon, and anticipate doing so in December. Stay tuned.

My wife and I enjoyed homemade bean soup over the weekend and I had the remaining leftover bowl for lunch on Monday. We both like soups in cooler and colder weather seasons.

That is it for this visit. There is a verse of Scripture that I would like to share voiced by Yeshua to his followers:
"Tend my sheep."

Kevod Yeheveh, His presence accompany us.

Mellow Rock
David Russell