Friday, April 18, 2014

Virus Removal Instruction: How to Remove Scorpion Saver, Guide to Get Rid of ...

I wanted to share this post with you as I recently had assistance to remove this dastardly program that had infected my computer! Be careful out here in cyberland.Virus Removal Instruction: How to Remove Scorpion Saver, Guide to Get Rid of ...: Teesupport Lab has received many complaint messages from computer users from all over the world. Most of them have said that recently ...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Kick The Chair - Dia Frampton (perseverance)

Hi Grafted In Reader,

I want to thank for compiling a list of songs that deal with the good old verb, persevere, and wonder do you remember the addage, chin up?
-This has been quite an eventful week for yours truly and collectively us as humanity.
-Some started out celebrating the historic event of our Messiah Yeshua's triumphant entry into Jerusalem known to the Christian world as Palm Sunday. It has other names down through history which someone has posted at
Not Another Episcopal Blog, see entry for Sunday April 13 2014 if so interested.
-The week continued with the stellar lunar eclipse on Monday night, Tuesday morning. I was enthralled by a webcast of the event offered by the Slooh Observatory from the Canary Islands of South Africa. Visit to learn more if so interested.
-Personally the week continues with a decision to make a change and look for new employment.
-I am also reading and reviewing a book by author Yolanda Shanks titled Not Hears Only but Doers.
-Later this week some of us celebrate our freedom from eternal hell as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Messiah Yeshua, who lives up to His Name which means salvation! By His stripes we are healed, announces the Prophet Isaiah in his prophesy foretelling this event, Isaiah chapter 53. Take it personally!
-To conclude here are some other song titles I noted about persevering.
I keep On (Rising Up) Mike Doughty.
Anyway - Martina McBride
Can't Back Down - Demi Lovato
Change - Taylor Swift
How Mercy Looks From Here - Amy Grant
I Ain't Through - Keyshia Cole.
Keep Going - Taio Cruz
--Meantime, Kevud Yeheveh, His presence accompany us through the myriad scenarios of life!
Mellow Roc, (David)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

*Announcement The Moon Testifies to the Creator*

Hello Grafted in Reader,

I had intended to post this sooner but life got ahead of me as it occasionally does. The following is an excerpt from the March 2014 Zola Levitt Ministry Newsletter, concerning a historic phenomenon that is about to occur and some perspective on this! May we be watchful as those who profess to follow God.

This spring, beginning on Passover, God will declare His sovereignty
across the heavens. A Blood Red Moon will appear four times in two
years: twice at the Feasts of Passover and twice at the Feasts of
Tabernacles. Between this year's first two (April 14-22 and Oct 8-15)
and next year's second two (April 3-11 and Sept 27-Oct 4), astronomers
expect a full solar eclipse on March 20, 2015!

Just as God "spoke" through the Schindler/Garlow wedding, He speaks to
all living things through His Creation (Romans 1:20). His love for
Israel is evident throughout the Bible. Consequently, although "four
Blood Moons in a row" (a tetrad) occur with some frequency, it is
fascinating to note their occurrences during key Jewish feasts.

In history, for example, tetrads marked the beginning of the long
Spanish Inquisition--1492, with eclipses occurring at Passover, April
2, 1493; Sukkot Sept. 25, 1493; Passover, March 22,1494; and Sukkot,

In modern times, a tetrad marked the beginning of Israel's rebirth as
a nation, occurring on the heels of Israel's War of Independence--1948
at Passover, April 13,1949; Sukkot, Oct. 7, 1949; Passover, April 2,
1950; and Sukkot, Sept. 26, 1950.

Again, when Israel regained control of Jerusalem following The Six-Day
War--1967, a Blood Moon appeared on Passover, April 24, 1967; Sukkot,
Oct. 18, 1967; Passover, April 13, 1968; and Sukkot, Oct. 6, 1968.

This data can be confirmed at, and it could mean that God
is preparing those who are watching for something spectacular.

I am not putting a date on the unfolding of the Book of Revelation,
nor am I setting any dates for the coming of the Bridegroom of Heaven
-- only the Father knows the time. Rather, I see before us an
incredible opportunity to watch the Lord of Creation reach for lost
loved ones and confirm not only His love for Israel but also our need
to stand with the Jewish people!

The wonderful "B" story in this astronomical moon watch is this:
Instead of the whole world focusing on doomsday Mayan calendars or
end-times numerological date setting, a global gathering to the Word,
the Author, and the Finisher of our faith positions vast multitudes to
observe the reality of the Gospel message and its relationship to

I remember Moishe Rosen (founder of Jews for Jesus) teaching young
zealots that sometimes, even onlookers who gather to hear a
discussion, debate, or proclamation are touched by the love of God. We
pray that just such will occur with everyone in the Church and the
world who is looking to the Sun, Moon, and stars with questions for
their REAL Creator.

For the Word of God is living and powerful, sharper than any
two-edged sword, piercing as far as the division of soul and
spirit, of joints and marrow, and able to discern the thoughts and
intentions of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

God is front-page news for 2014-2015.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Let It Be - The Beetles and others

Hello Grafted In Reader,

The Atlantic Monthly in January had a cover article by one Scott Stossel on the subject of anxiety, something we all have, and something we are instructed to put aside by Scripture.

-The Conversation from the April issue of The Atlantic has some reader prescriptions for anxiety. My 2-1/2-year-old granddaughter will often say "I don't want to get a grip," which is the last suggestion herein, spoken honestly in that innocent toddler voice, but in some ways reflects probably many of our reactions. Here they are, may we be less anxious!

Reader Prescriptions
In response to Scott Stossel’s January/ February cover story about living with anxiety, many hundreds of readers proposed remedies for anxiety. Some of the more common recommendations included:

cut out caffeine
cut out gluten
cut out refined sugar
cut out all grains, dairy, wheat
pharmaceutical-grade probiotics
Vitamin B supplements
Vitamin D supplements
magnesium supplements
fish oil
get treated for hypoglycemia
attachment therapy
NMDA antagonists (like etamine)
regular exercise
mindfulness meditation
insight meditation
daily gratitude exercises
traditional Chinese medicine
get more sunlight
prismatic lenses
deep breathing
read Essential Spirituality, by Roger Walsh
read The Denial of Death, by Ernest Becker
read the works of Claire Weekes (Hope and Help for Your Nerves, Peace From Nervous Suffering)
put faith in God (or some other higher power)
gene analysis
transcranial magnetic stimulation
cognitive-behavioral therapy
Meridian Tapping (a k a Emotional Freedom Technique)
psychoanalysis to deal with rage against your mother
Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
get a grip

Kevud Yeheveh, His presence flood our being with deliverance from fear and anxiety!
Mellow Roc