Monday, July 6, 2015

Sons of Korah (Australian Acoustic Psalms)

Hello Grafted In Readers,
For those living in North America, I hope your celebrations of independence and freedom were each meaningful and enriching. I personally came away from them feeling renewed, and ready to let my life reflect that the Messiah is alive, strong, serious about us being His ambassage, children, servants, and yes even soldiers. A story group to which I belong has "patriotism" as its theme this month. I am hoping to craft a short story about being in the GASF, God's Allied Special Forces. (See Ephesians chapter 6, Apostolic Scriptures for background).

-For reading pleasure, I began "Grammar for Grownups" a 1993 publication but still pertinent and not too dry. Recommend, if you can find it.

-I titled this post after someone made me aware of an Australian acoustic group who has a set of musical material based on the Psalms. They are called "Sons of Korah" from Australia, and one can sample their music on YouTube. I listened to their rendering of Psalm 91, and think it is simply wonderful! Lengthy, yes. A gentle reminder, God is in no hurry with us....

Later this month, taking a few days to get away from the routine and visit family in another state. Geographically that is.. Also, applying for new freelance opportunities, and ask your thoughts and prayers toward that end.

Until next visit, Kevod Yeheveh, His presence keep you walking ever forward with purpose!
Mellow Roc

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Alternative Online Radio Listening and Update

Hello Grafted in Readers,

Today is July 2, 2015 in my corner of blogland and rather warm and mild, just like summer should be in my opinion. A few weeks ago I was looking at the blog stats, and rather surprised to see I have had some international readers, quite a few from Germany since I began this effort 5-6 years ago. As some of you know, I am a musician by avocation, writer of content articles and short stories, and this morning wrote about an ancient form of holistic medicine called Ayurvedic medicine. This is similar to traditional Chinese medicine, but that led me on a quest to find alternative music. I chose new-age music and discovered
from Freiberg, Germany, and another station based in Brussells, Belgium. I listened to each for about 30 minutes and then decided it was time to come back to the day at hand and proceed with the "to-do list". I enjoyed the listening experience, thanks to both Germany and Belgium for treating us to listening pleasure on the web.

For those living in the USA and or North America: belated Happy Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day to USA folks. We thank God for our freedom and are no longer slaves to sin thanks to our Messiah!

Thank you for reading, and would welcome comments anytime.
Alternatively, I will be listening to: for classical or folk music. for folk or blue-grass music.
-chavah messianic radio for Spiritual uplift through Jewish-Christian artistry.
-Of course regular radio for Tiger Baseball and soon Lion Football.
His Presence surround us on the journey, Kevod Yeheveh.
Mellow Roc

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Like A Rock by Bob Seeger (1980s)

Hello Grafted In Readers and friends!
Today is Tuesday, June 23 and we are in the second full day of summer here, winter for those of you reading on the other side of the globe. Welcome!
I titled this post after the Bob Seeger song, Like A Rock, for a few different events in life.
-Family friend passes away recently from a brain tumor known as a glioblastoma. He will be remembered for his involvement in the community, his family, his church, and workplace as an accountant but mostly for his enjoyment of music and entertaining. Call it legacy!
-I just finished reading a couple biographies recently. One of the classical pianist, Glenn Gould, the other of actress, Lauren Bacall. Again, legacy!

-Cruising facebook - the newsfeed recently, I was somewhat taken how posts by FB friends are more inviting to read when connecting over something human like occasionally staying up too late, an appliance breaks down, family member achieves something significant, etc etc. We connect over who we are and maybe less over what we do or what we hold as important.

I recently read an article by the late faith writer, Oswald Chambers titled The Dillemma of Obedience. It is from his book, My Utmost for His Highest. In it he makes the observation, You who are evil know how to give good gifts, how much more your Messiah will give you greater gifts.. I believe the word "evil" can mean any place on the faith continuum from observer to one actively involved, i.e., most of us. I was recently befriended by another gentleman whose humanity seems genuine, earthy and intriguing. Consider the friends and associates God sends your way. One repeated theme in the bio of Lauren Bacall is the variety of friends she had short term and long term in her life, particularly during the working years. It was somewhat admirable. You and I can be welcoming, and also steadfast - "like a rock".
-Kevod Yeheveh, His presence is with you and me constantly. Your hellos are welcome!!
Mellow Roc

Friday, June 5, 2015

"Just Beat It" '80s song Michael Jackson

Hello Grafted In Readers,
Today is June 5, 2015, and 18 years ago, I got my first computer, which was made by Dell and ran on Windows 95. Now, thanks to Computers for the Blind, I am using a 3-year-old ever-faithful refurbed windows 7 computer. Love it!
I title this post after the '80s song, "Just Beat It" by Michael Jackson for a few different reasons.
-Today according to the news media is National Donut Day; so, whip up some and just beat it!
-This past week has been learn new tech lessons for yours truly. How to make html tags, and how to use hot keys to replace mouse click directions. Not as fun as making donuts....
-I continue to read my way through "Heart Song" by V C Andrews. Good drama if you like a familial story with some twists and turns!
-Spiritual Reminder: Messiah means Savior, and Yeshua means salvation. I love the promise made by Him, I will never leave you nor forsake you." Ponder that for a while!

Until next visit, Kevod Yeheveh, His presence fill the wholes in your being!
Comments and hellos always nice to receive.
Also, thanks to the tip on how to spell cancel, think of the word dance, change by adding letter c to begin, l to end, hence - cancel..

Mellow Roc