Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Pretender - acousatic by Lucinda Williams

Hello Grafted in Readers,
Today is October 23, 2014 in my corner of blog land. This particular post may be shocking or offensive to some readership, but it raises a very important issues for people of faith to consider today, now, this hour, this century. How much will we tolerate?

The Christian church observes Reformation Sunday this coming week, and largely hails the efforts of 16th-century reformers Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox but will ignore the Sabbatarian reformers of this era too. It also points out that we are "released" from tithing and other "Old Testament commandments", but by god keep the 10 listed in Exodus! They keep 9 having changed Shabbat to Sunday!

Probably Luther and his contemproaries were scoffed at, dismissed as radical, seen as twisted by the establishment of that day and time, as is one Dan Skojen who authors an ongoing, insightful blog titled "Exposing the ELCA" Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Below, is an excerpt from his web site, a letter to a church council, and I might add, a letter to people of faith in general. I hope you might share and discuss this with your friends of faith. The world is and has become less safe because the toleration bar is ever being moved to embrace moral relativism in the name of "peaceful co-existance".

-A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Really?

It's Time to Leave the ELCA
As the title says, I believe it is time to leave the denomination that long ago left God. God's Word is true and the ELCA has decided that their thoughts are above God's thoughts. This is evident in many ways that the typical ELCA member may not know about. Below I outline a number of ways the ELCA has turned away from God, denying the very Word of God.

The Lutheran congregation of which I am a member, was removed from the roster of ELCA churches by our ELCA synod bishop. We were very concerned over the multitude of issues discussed on this website. If you believe the Bible is God's Word and Jesus is the way to be saved, please stand up and let your voice be heard in your congregation, and tell others about it.

Below is a email I sent the council members of my church.

Dear Council Members,

After the other night's meeting, and the months of discussions, I wanted to share some thoughts and questions with you. Thank you, and I trust you will do right according to God's Word.

The ELCA has continually put their thoughts above God's word and will. The vote on homosexuality is just one piece of evidence to this. One council member, at one time, asked if there are other reasons to leave the ELCA. I, and others, have told you about the other reasons, but the council has never broached the subject again.

There are many reasons to leave the ELCA.

- The ELCA is promoting a brand of "universal salvation." The first printing of the Augsburg Fortress Lutheran Study Bible says, "Jesus includes in salvation people who do not believe in him or even know about him." That is not Biblical. Is this the denomination we want to have ties to?

- This denomination teaches that Jesus did not say what the Bible says He said. Is this the denomination we want to have ties to?

- They date the writings of scripture by seeing when "prophecies are fulfilled" and decide there is no way the writers could know what would happen before hand, so they decide scripture must have been written after the fulfillment. i.e. - God not involved. Is this the denomination we want to have ties to?

- The ELCA does not believe there is prophecy in the Bible! There are hundreds of places where the Bible says there is! Jesus says many times that it does. Some people say over 25% of the Bible is prophetic. Is this the denomination we want to have ties to?
Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints. - Jude 1:3

Kevod Yeheveh, His Presence keep us near to the King Of The Universe and our Lord and Messiah, Yeshua!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trouble In The Field - acoustic - Nancy Griffith

Hello Grafted in Reader,
Today is quite rainy in my part of blog land, cool with temperatures barely at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. My week began with writing a content article about a topic that evidently received a lot of buzz on Sunday. That being, studies indicate that the ancient armoured fish fossils which are dated at about 419-million years ago, initiated what we humans know as the very intimate act of sexual intercourse. Most of the reactions seemed light and surfacy to my interpretation, but there nonetheless were reactions.

Some of us just finished observing the Fall Feast of Tabernacles, and a few of us are starting to read the Torah cycle all over again. This week, basically the first 6 chapters of Genesis, Breishit in Hebrew which means - beginnings.

There is an interesting short article in The Atlantic Magazine, October 2014 by Jeffrey Goldberg who muses on his visit to the Creation Museum in the US state of Kentucky. Goldberg seems somewhat amazed that according to a Gallup poll from Spring 2013, an estimated 42% responded they believe in creation by a divine Creator. When evolution seems to be based on changing theory, Creation adheres to belief in a changeless God who in the beginning created the heaven and the earth....
I urge us all to read about our beginnings, fall, redemption, fall, flood, and new beginning over the next few days, Genesis chapters 1 through 9, respectively. See it as our story not just about a distant peoples way back when.

Secondarily, glad to make some acquaintances through 'google plus' such as 'Nina' 'Steve' and 'Victoria' who are also bloggers and writers.
Kevod Yeheveh, the Creator will make all things work as He intends in each of us. That is what is meant by the phrase, "and God saw that it was good."
Mellow Roc

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Excerpt Winds Of Change by David C Russell

Hello Grafted in Readers,
Today is October 16, 2014, and the extra day of the Fall Feast of Tabernacles. In Messianic parlance, we celebrate Yeshua as Messiah, and further accept his invitation to abide in his presence, abide in his power, and abide in his teachings. See John chapter 15, New Covenant Scriptures.
-Below is an excerpt from my novel, "Winds of Change" CrossBooks, 2012, which fictionally reflects on this particular feast.
Note: Characters are Seth and Leah Scott, Dan and Rhonda Hansen, Pastor and Mrs. Bentley. Setting is a fictional town in northern Wisconsin, time of year is Fall.

Midway through the Fall, the Scotts and Hansens decided to have a small dinner party, in part to learn more of the Hansens' involvement in a small Messianic faith community. Of course, Rhonda and Leah and discussed this on occasion at work. Dan and Jefferson occasionally spoke of it when they met. Both couples wanted to include Pastor Bentley and his wife who were quite classic in their Lutheran ideology. They agreed on the second Saturday in October, and each would provide a dish that began with the first letter of their last name. Jefferson and Leah spent the afternoon preparing scones and salad. The Bentleys were bringing surloin beef tips, and the Hansens' were providing herbal lightly-steamed vegetable platter. Seth Scott was spending the day and night with a school friend video gaming and such. As the afternoon hours faded into evening, the couples arrived at the Scott home. The Bentleys were the first to arrive. "Oh, Pastor Bob, glad you and your wife Ruth could join us. Just put your coats on the bed in the main beddrom," Jefferson advised.

Over the next 45 minutes, the Hansens' arrived and were welcomed similarly. As the women finished dinner preparations, Jefferson, Dan and Pastor Bentley watched the final minutes of the college football game on TV. Fortunately, Illinois and Minnesota were equally matched in skill, offensive and defensive game execution. In the final minutes, Minnesota managed to pull out a victory with a 35 yard field goal by one of the team's lesser known players. As the couples assembled at the table,Leah asked her friend Rhonda to offer the table grace. As they joined hands, Rhonda began, "Lord God, King of the Universe, we bless you for all you provide. Blessed oare youwho provides bread for the earth and nourishment for our being," all responded with amen. Pastor Bentley was somewhat suprised by this table grace as it did not compare with what he hear from a members home, expecting more a standard grace from liturigcally-influenced Christians. The dinner went on with small talk about work, hospital, school and other trivialites. As dinner included all went to settle in the livingroom as Leah started a fire in their fireplace.

In the pleasant glow of the fire, the conversation turned to the topic of faith. Jefferson began by asking Dan about his recent weekend trip to observe the Fall Festival known as the Feast of Tabernacles. Dan shared that as with the Spring Feast of Shavuot, known to many as Pentecost, they went to Madison to observe this with other believers. This was a day-long convocation, but the theme was the celebration to commemorate God's dwelling with his people in times past, present, and future. "It's all about relationship," Rhonda added. They met in, and utilized the facilities of a Lutheran church near Madison.

"Do you think church people would be interested in this sort of thing," asked Ruth Bentley not really directing her question to anyone in particular, but hoping her husband would respond. "I know a number who already are, but for some reason the church at large seems stuck or oblivous to anything beyond its mode of operations for centuries," said Dan. "Observing Rhonda as a colleague at work has given me the opportunity to note that there is something quite unique about her outlook and faith. Quite frankly, the more I observe the more curious I become," Ledah stated. Pastor Bob remained quiet, but his facial expression was a slight smile mixed with a degree of pondering.

Rereading this with you, has given me the desire to be consistent in my abiding with and living for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords..
-Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be that which attracts us to Him, and we find our innermost cravings and thirst satisfied by He having ongoing fellowship with us.

If interested, Winds of Change can be ordered through Amazon or any major book store. Comments welcomed!
Mellow Roc

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hallelujah, Tanakh and Tehillim - Hebrew Words Deep Meaning

Hello Grafted In Readers,
Last post, "You Are My Hiding Place" I mentioned we would devote the next few visits to considering the Hebraic and/or Jewish roots of the Christian faith. I hope you find these short posts informative and enriching, and can use them in your daily walk.

One site loaded with informations is the ongoing "hebrew4christians" and secondly, "The Ancient Hebrew Research Center". My posts will be drawing from both of these sites and others.

-During Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, which is an annual Fall Feast to celebrate the harvest and God dwelling with us, one traditional practice is for the congregation to publicy proclaim the Hallel, from which we have the word Hallelujah. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Adonai, the LORD. When the Temple existed, people would march around the temple during feast times proclaiming the Hallel.

Tanakh, An acronym describing the parts or sections of the Hebrew Scriptures. Torah, Prophets, writings, poetry.

Below is from

The English word “psalm” comes from the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew word mizmor, a word meaning “melody of praise.” The various mizmorim (psalms)were compiled into a collection, perhaps by King David himself, and were later codified by Ezra the Scribe when the canon of the Tanakh was established.

-Kevod Yeheveh, His Presence elicit our ongoing thanks and praise!
Mellow Roc