Monday, March 16, 2015

Making Sense From Nonsense

Making Sense of Nonsense
by David Russell
"You will not be pitching in the regular rotation. In fact, we are putting you on wavers," the club GM informed his star pitcher who for the previous two years had won over 25 games during the regular season.
"My arm, I just don't know. I am under 30, and .. my arm,"
"I understand your consternation, but we are also talking dollars," the club GM responded. A few days later the pitcher was put on contractual disability, and pitched relief on occasion during the rest of that season.

"I hear you were using social media during the recent college entrance exam. You will be allowed to graduate, but forget any scholarship opportunities," the school Principal told Rene as she cried openly in his office.
Students were being monitored during testing by an outside service, and she was observed on social media during the test.

"We count there are forty who are deceased from the bus crash," a spokesperson told the media during preliminary investigation of a bus accident occurring in Brazil.

"We just don't want to do this now. Perhaps when the child is older," the dad told the family physician during an office visit. The child has a disability that will be further impairing unless treated soon.

"I heard you are choosing to make bread for the bake-sail instead of pies. We need pies, not homemade bread," The coordinator informing Jodi as she laid four freshly baked loaves of rye bread on the bake-sail table. She then turned on her heels and stormed out of the church.

Making sense out of nonsense is an occasion in life we all endear. The three hardest things we will do as humans, and as followers of Messiah is:
Forgive to the extent we so desire
Judge in the same proportion to which we want to be judged
Love our neighbor inasmuch as we love ourselves and our Lord.

Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be clear to you and me today.
Mellow Roc

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