Thursday, December 11, 2014

D Minor For Tact, fictional story by David Russell

Hello Grafted In Reader,
I wanted to share a Scrooge-type story typical for the season. The idea is not original, but that of a mentor of an online story group in which I participate. The story is original, under 800 words, entertaining and reminds us to balance personal achievement with compassion for another. Names, places and entities are truly fictional. Please enjoy and may we live out the story's purpose today and always.
D Minor For Tact
Part 1
by David Russell
Copyright David Russell
"This morning we have Beatrice Walker as guest on the Open Line show, and are sure we will hear from several interested gracious callers. Ms. Walker is the resident conductor of the International Philharmonic and will be leading the 50-piece orchestra on a December tour through North America and throughout Ontareo," announced the host of the morning network talk show.
"I am pleased to be directing this orchestra as we will be performing piano concertos by Beethoven and the 5th symphony of Beethoven, likely his most famous work," she informed the listening public. Beatrice ran a tight ship and probably tended to micro-manage much of the orchestra's affairs.
It was early December and Brad was the first chair viola player in the orchestra. His wife was about to give birth to their first child. After the morning rehearsal, he approached the conductor and asked for a private 2-minute meeting.
"I need the time off to be with my wife as we are expecting our first child. The other 5 viola players should be able to cover my absence and produce a full sound," he exclaimed. Pounding her fist on the table she flatly refused his request. Underneath she wanted to be known, noticed, and recognized as one of the leading conductors in this genre of music. Any weak links would threaten her end-goal.

The next week, a repeat meeting was attempted and she added, "I do not have time for such trivial matters. If you wanted to be a father and raise a family, then you should have been an educator not a performer."

The orchestra arrived at the airport near Deluth, Minnesota on the 15th where they would fly to their first performance stop, London, Ontareo Canada. The instruments were loaded on the charter 747 and the members of the orchestra boarded.
"I am going to call all names to make sure we are all numbered and counted for. If anyone is missing, they will be immediately fired and receive a series of bad press articles that I had crafted by the Devious Marketing Agency," announced Ms. Walker as she stood resolutely in front of the group. All names were heard. Everyone appeared to be in place.
Six hours later the orchestra were on stage at the performance center in London. A tall Douglas Fur with plentious lights was on one side of the stage.
"For our first work, we are performing the "Fifth Symphony of Beethoven" Ms. Walker announced to the capacity crowd. Glancing over she noticed the bright lights, the smiling faces, the decoratively multi-colored auditorium, the padded plush velvatine seats, and that her first chair viola player was missing.
"Where the hell is my viola player," she sternly but softly inquired of the group. The show must go on and did.

At intermition a curier brought a telegram to the orchestra's temporary chambers. The note read, 'Stayed home, wife passed away due to serious medical complications during labor" Someone in the orchestra had recorded the viola player stating his name and covered for his absence. Ms. Walker was given a D Minor for tact by the press and after the tour released by the governing board of the International Philharmonic. The viola player was approached and assumed duties as temporary conductor for the remainder of the season. He received an A Minor for leadership, working under hardship, and compassion for his co-workers and all concerned.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

And So This Is Christmas - John Lenin

Hello Grafted In Reader,

Today is December 3 in my corner of blogland. Holiday music is in full hearing on many radio stations across North America, and Cyber Monday and Black Friday are now historic cultural occurrences. This month, I want to encourage our focus to return to the first century and see our heritage not in a Roman Catholic 3rd century phenomenon, but a small town known as Bethlehem where people made yearly pilgrimage, observed Hanukkah, and identified one another either by name and birth place, or name and son of or daughter of ...

I commend to your reading an article pasted here from an online copy of Slate Magazine from 2008 which I believe to be timely. Until next time, Kevod Yeheveh, His presence enfold you today and always. Yeshua is with us!
Was Jesus a common name at the beginning of the first century?
By Brian Palmer
Jesus Christ
Painting by Ary Scheffer, 1851.
Photo courtesy Walters Art Museum via Wikimedia Commons
Christians will soon celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Was the Christian Messiah the first to have that name, or were there a lot of Jesuses running around back then?
Many people shared the name. Christ's given name, commonly Romanized as Yeshua, was quite common in first-century Galilee. (Jesus comes from the transliteration of Yeshua into Greek and then English.) Archaeologists have unearthed the tombs of 71 Yeshuas from the period of Jesus' death. The name also appears 30 times in the Old Testament in reference to four separate characters—including a descendent of Aaron who helped to distribute offerings of grain (2 Chronicles 31:15) and a man who accompanied former captives of Nebuchadnezzar back to Jerusalem (Ezra 2:2).

The long version of the name, Yehoshua, appears another few hundred times, referring most notably to the legendary conqueror of Jericho (and the second most famous bearer of the name). So why do we call the Hebrew hero of Jericho Joshua and the Christian Messiah Jesus? Because the New Testament was originally written in Greek, not Hebrew or Aramaic. Greeks did not use the sound sh, so the evangelists substituted an S sound. Then, to make it a masculine name, they added another S sound at the end. The earliest written version of the name Jesus is Romanized today as Iesous. (Thus the crucifix inscription INRI: "Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum," or "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.")
The initial J didn't come until much later. That sound was foreign to Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Not even English distinguished J from I until the mid-17th century. Thus, the 1611 King James Bible refers to Jesus as "Iesus" and his father as "Ioseph." The current spelling likely came from Switzerland, where J sounds more like the English Y. When English Protestants fled to Switzerland during the reign of the Catholic Queen Mary I, they drafted the Geneva Bible and used the Swiss spelling. Translators in England adopted the Geneva spelling by 1769.
In contrast, the Old Testament was translated directly from the original Hebrew into English, rather than via Greek. So anyone named Yehoshua or Yeshua in the Old Testament became Joshua in English. Meanwhile, the holy book of the Syrian Orthodox church, known as the Syriac Bible, is written in Aramaic. While its Gospels were translated from the original Greek, the early scribes recognized that Iesous was a corruption of the original Aramaic. Thus, the Syriac text refers to Yeshua.
Bonus Explainer: What was Jesus' last name? It wasn't Christ. Contemporaries would have called him Yeshua Bar Yehosef or Yeshua Nasraya. (That's "Jesus, son of Joseph" or "Jesus of Nazareth.") Galileans distinguished themselves from others with the same first name by adding either "son of" and their father's name, or their birthplace. People who knew Jesus would not have called him Christ, which is the translation of a Greek word meaning "anointed one."
Got a question about today's news? Ask the Explainer.
Explainer thanks Joseph P. Amar of the University of Notre Dame and Paul V.M. Flesher of the University of Wyoming.
Brian Palmer writes about science, medicine, and the environment for Slate and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Rock Of Ages - Acoustic Gillian Welch

Hello Grafted In Reader,
Today is Monday November 17 in my corner of blogland. We are experiencing the chill of winter and modest amounts of snow flurries. Considering everything from my e-mail inbox, job search, facebook posts, the news, writing acquaintances, being productive as a person of faith, I began to consider things we might be thankful are slow to change if at all. Please consider adding to the following list:
Your favorite beverage will usually provide a sense of comfort when indulged, mine is strong dark coffee.
I may usually have a few close friends who I can count on and vice versa.
Professional doors open and close, but there is usually another door that will open.
I can usually count on subscribed emails to automatically come to my inbox.
I can usually decide to mend those areas of living that left unattended would be my ruin.
Since Scripture tells me God knows the numbers of hairs on my head, He knows me better than I know myself.
In this age of fluid sexual orientation, I prefer the warm hand of a woman in mine or on my shoulder, and hands communicate a language known.
If you would like to add to this list of slow to change items, your turn is now!
Kevod Yeheveh, His Presence accompany us today!
Mellow Roc

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All To Do With The Moon - acoustic by Krista Detor from radio

Hello Grafted In Reader,

I am glad you stopped by to check on my latest rambling. This one may be a bit lengthy, so you are forewarned..

I chose this title because we all have occasions in daily life that either are a joy, blessing, pleasurable, or big a-nnoyance, (Annoyance). I had an acquaintance that used to call the annoyances ankle biters. I suspect that is a bit more tactful sounding than the "pain in the ass" that is a widely used summation. Mine was spending 2 hours on writing a freelance article, only to discover my info did not directly match the title. The red flag was there from the start, but somehow missed catching it!
-A joy and pleasure were to spend part of Tuesday catching up with cyber acquaintances, and last Saturday enjoying the Public Radio broadcast, Prairie Home Companion, with my spouse. It's a radio variety show of sorts and has become a Saturday "must hear" for thousands of listeners in North America and over seas too.

-One lesson learned for the faith life was actually more a reminder. Reading some personal columns or ads showed me we as a people battle instant gratification in many areas of life. It matters not so much the thing we want gratified, as it does the current attitude we possess about our life situation. I think we all experience some degree of wanting to succumb to instant gratification so the Spirit who watches out for us, flutters about us, moves our mindset to a healthier state, all verbs or actions, describing "hover" which the Spirit of God did at creation as recorded in Genesis 1. The Spirit of God, third person in the tri-unity, has not changed and hovers over each of us who invite God's presence in our life and days! May we remember as do those who embrace a 12-step program, Accept for God's grace which means favor, go I.

Kevod Yeheveh today and always!
Mellow Roc

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Give It All You Got! - "shalom Aleykhem"

Hello Grafted in Reader,

Today is Novembger 6 in my corner of blogland. Personally this date has significance for me. Several years ago, I left a 5-year relationship with someone that in the long-term would not have worked out for reasons known to myself and the person involved. It was one of the hardest choices ever made! Discovering that mercy means limitless loyalty was evident in the friendships with other people of faith formed thereafter. I was truly given another chance in life to choose relationships that would be mutually beneficial and not just for the sake of not being alone.

I titled this post, "Give It All You Got" as there is a Hebrew blessing, long-standing, that Yeshua spoke to the disciples post resurrection, and that Jewish people share with one another still. Those words are, "Shalom Aleykhem".
It is much more than the "peace" blessing practiced in liturgical churches just before the offering is collected.
This blessing includes the ideas of

Take a few moments and let each one of those soak in and think of others who may benefit from the same!

-Consider expressing, "Shalom Alekyhem" to someone when the opportunity may present itself.

In our weekly Bible study, we are going through the book of I Kings in the Tanakh. It is the rule and reign of David, son Solomon, and others after them. In one portion early on, David is giving fatherly and kingly counsel to his son Solomon. He says similarly,
""Be strong, . . . show yourself to be a man." I Kings chapter 2.
The Apostolic Scriptures express similar exhort in I Corinthians chapter 16 verse 13.

This is much more than tolerate, put up with, practice political correctness, judge not lest you be judged, but truly wishes another person(s) God's deepest purpose and intention for that one!
-Kevod Yeheveh, The Presence of God truly be involved in our motivations and movement in life's journey.
I would like to hear from you if so inclined to comment!!
Mellow Roc

Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Another Manic Monday - 1990s song by Cindy Lopper

Hello Grafted In Reader,
Today is November 3, 2014, in my corner of blog land. Of late, I have been reminded of truths that never change, and they are what we need to hear as opposed to what we want to hear.
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want." Psalm 23 The Hebrew Scriptures
"The proving of one's faith produces patience." Apostolic Scriptures.
"We learn about ourselves when placed in new situations." Author John Kellerman from the novel,"Killer: an Alex Delaware Novel"
"Adversity brings out the best in us." Garison Keilor "A Prarie Home Companion, show from 11/02/2014.

There seems to be widespread agreement on the above life occurrence that we call challenges, pains, annoyances and problems. An intimate trust and relationship with someone outside ourselves is what will aid us through testing trying times. Some of us believe that to be Almighty God, King of the Universe and most Holy.

-This month we celebrate many things including my novel which turns 3-years-old,
"Winds Of Change" by David C Russell, CrossBooks 2012.

Kevod Yeheveh, His Presence be with us in our manic and transitory times!
Mellow Roc

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Excerpt Winds Of Change by David C Russell

Hello Grafted in Readers,
Today is October 16, 2014, and the extra day of the Fall Feast of Tabernacles. In Messianic parlance, we celebrate Yeshua as Messiah, and further accept his invitation to abide in his presence, abide in his power, and abide in his teachings. See John chapter 15, New Covenant Scriptures.
-Below is an excerpt from my novel, "Winds of Change" CrossBooks, 2012, which fictionally reflects on this particular feast.
Note: Characters are Seth and Leah Scott, Dan and Rhonda Hansen, Pastor and Mrs. Bentley. Setting is a fictional town in northern Wisconsin, time of year is Fall.

Midway through the Fall, the Scotts and Hansens decided to have a small dinner party, in part to learn more of the Hansens' involvement in a small Messianic faith community. Of course, Rhonda and Leah and discussed this on occasion at work. Dan and Jefferson occasionally spoke of it when they met. Both couples wanted to include Pastor Bentley and his wife who were quite classic in their Lutheran ideology. They agreed on the second Saturday in October, and each would provide a dish that began with the first letter of their last name. Jefferson and Leah spent the afternoon preparing scones and salad. The Bentleys were bringing surloin beef tips, and the Hansens' were providing herbal lightly-steamed vegetable platter. Seth Scott was spending the day and night with a school friend video gaming and such. As the afternoon hours faded into evening, the couples arrived at the Scott home. The Bentleys were the first to arrive. "Oh, Pastor Bob, glad you and your wife Ruth could join us. Just put your coats on the bed in the main beddrom," Jefferson advised.

Over the next 45 minutes, the Hansens' arrived and were welcomed similarly. As the women finished dinner preparations, Jefferson, Dan and Pastor Bentley watched the final minutes of the college football game on TV. Fortunately, Illinois and Minnesota were equally matched in skill, offensive and defensive game execution. In the final minutes, Minnesota managed to pull out a victory with a 35 yard field goal by one of the team's lesser known players. As the couples assembled at the table,Leah asked her friend Rhonda to offer the table grace. As they joined hands, Rhonda began, "Lord God, King of the Universe, we bless you for all you provide. Blessed oare youwho provides bread for the earth and nourishment for our being," all responded with amen. Pastor Bentley was somewhat suprised by this table grace as it did not compare with what he hear from a members home, expecting more a standard grace from liturigcally-influenced Christians. The dinner went on with small talk about work, hospital, school and other trivialites. As dinner included all went to settle in the livingroom as Leah started a fire in their fireplace.

In the pleasant glow of the fire, the conversation turned to the topic of faith. Jefferson began by asking Dan about his recent weekend trip to observe the Fall Festival known as the Feast of Tabernacles. Dan shared that as with the Spring Feast of Shavuot, known to many as Pentecost, they went to Madison to observe this with other believers. This was a day-long convocation, but the theme was the celebration to commemorate God's dwelling with his people in times past, present, and future. "It's all about relationship," Rhonda added. They met in, and utilized the facilities of a Lutheran church near Madison.

"Do you think church people would be interested in this sort of thing," asked Ruth Bentley not really directing her question to anyone in particular, but hoping her husband would respond. "I know a number who already are, but for some reason the church at large seems stuck or oblivous to anything beyond its mode of operations for centuries," said Dan. "Observing Rhonda as a colleague at work has given me the opportunity to note that there is something quite unique about her outlook and faith. Quite frankly, the more I observe the more curious I become," Ledah stated. Pastor Bob remained quiet, but his facial expression was a slight smile mixed with a degree of pondering.

Rereading this with you, has given me the desire to be consistent in my abiding with and living for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords..
-Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be that which attracts us to Him, and we find our innermost cravings and thirst satisfied by He having ongoing fellowship with us.

If interested, Winds of Change can be ordered through Amazon or any major book store. Comments welcomed!
Mellow Roc

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hallelujah, Tanakh and Tehillim - Hebrew Words Deep Meaning

Hello Grafted In Readers,
Last post, "You Are My Hiding Place" I mentioned we would devote the next few visits to considering the Hebraic and/or Jewish roots of the Christian faith. I hope you find these short posts informative and enriching, and can use them in your daily walk.

One site loaded with informations is the ongoing "hebrew4christians" and secondly, "The Ancient Hebrew Research Center". My posts will be drawing from both of these sites and others.

-During Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, which is an annual Fall Feast to celebrate the harvest and God dwelling with us, one traditional practice is for the congregation to publicy proclaim the Hallel, from which we have the word Hallelujah. Blessed is He who comes in the Name of Adonai, the LORD. When the Temple existed, people would march around the temple during feast times proclaiming the Hallel.

Tanakh, An acronym describing the parts or sections of the Hebrew Scriptures. Torah, Prophets, writings, poetry.

Below is from

The English word “psalm” comes from the Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew word mizmor, a word meaning “melody of praise.” The various mizmorim (psalms)were compiled into a collection, perhaps by King David himself, and were later codified by Ezra the Scribe when the canon of the Tanakh was established.

-Kevod Yeheveh, His Presence elicit our ongoing thanks and praise!
Mellow Roc

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Concluding Thoughts for Month Of Elul

Hello Grafted In Readers,
For those of us who pay attention to the Jewish calendar, i.e., the appointed times or feasts as outlined in the Hebrew Scriptures, Leviticus chapter 23, within the next 36 hours the world will be in the new year, 5775. The month of Elul is drawing to a close, which in large part soberly reminds us that God is our groom and we His bride. During this time or age, He is calling to each of us to be in relationship with Him. Hence the phrase, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine.

Yet to come over the next few days are The Feast of Trumpets, Days of Awe, Day of Atonement and the 7 or 8-day Feast of Tabernacles. This is I believe a far richer observation of God and His ways compared to the Catholic tradition of Lent.

So in conclusion to this blog,
To everyone I would like to say Shana Tova (Happy new year) and Chag Sameach (Happy Feast).

Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be with and ever merciful toward us!
Mellow Roc

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Someone - G Welch - Acoustic

Hello Grafted In Reader,

First, I would like to thank Phil T for his comment on my previous blog post. One never knows just where they may be heard or read!

-I just started reading another Maeve Bincy novel, "A Week In Winter" said to be her last before she passed in 2012. If you enjoy a good familial generational tale, this one won't let you down! Plus, no commercials to interrupt suspenseful moments.

-I have been spending some time investigating freelance writing, and discovered a web site that may be invaluable. It is
and relatively young in terms of existence. I hope to make the writing venture one that provides some immediate income in the near future.

Finally, a little humorous account was found by yours truly at
I share this in closing, and bid you Kevod Yeheveh, His presence bless you today and always! Thanks for the visit.

August 20, 2014
Washing Instructions
I decided to make myself useful and do a load of the family laundry. When I took the clothes out of the machine, I discovered — to my dismay — that I had also washed the watch my wife had given me while we were dating.
"Don't expect me to replace it," she said later with an obvious lack of sympathy.
By the time Father's Day rolled around, however, she had relented and gave me a beautiful new watch. Attached was a note with this stipulation: "DRY-CLEAN ONLY!"
Thank You
For Letting Me Give You a Smile Today!

Friday, June 20, 2014

This May Be Your Waterloo - Self-Inventory

Hello Grafted In Readers,
I want to begin by saying this post may be more for those who consider themselves believers and or Christians.
-The thoughts are taken from the "Line Of Fire Blog" by Dr. Michael Brown, June 17, 2014 published on Charisma.
-With the main line church in North America i.e. Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Congregational, any attending these denominations have some serious soul searching to do.
-What is considered sinful today in a few years could become socially acceptable because God is revealing new things, is the mantra voiced by leaders in these bastians of Sacramentalism.

I Refuse to Accept the Status-Quo American Version of Christianity

I refuse to believe that what we see in churches across America is what God planned for His people. I refuse to believe that it is the God-intended norm.

The Word of God is against it.

Church history is against it.

What the Spirit is doing around the world is against it.

What I have experienced in my own life is against it.

Everything inside of me is shouting, "There must be more! We must go deeper!" Is that same voice shouting inside of you?
Kevud Yeheveh, His presence cause you and I to journey as He directs..

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Kick The Chair - Dia Frampton (perseverance)

Hi Grafted In Reader,

I want to thank for compiling a list of songs that deal with the good old verb, persevere, and wonder do you remember the addage, chin up?
-This has been quite an eventful week for yours truly and collectively us as humanity.
-Some started out celebrating the historic event of our Messiah Yeshua's triumphant entry into Jerusalem known to the Christian world as Palm Sunday. It has other names down through history which someone has posted at
Not Another Episcopal Blog, see entry for Sunday April 13 2014 if so interested.
-The week continued with the stellar lunar eclipse on Monday night, Tuesday morning. I was enthralled by a webcast of the event offered by the Slooh Observatory from the Canary Islands of South Africa. Visit to learn more if so interested.
-Personally the week continues with a decision to make a change and look for new employment.
-I am also reading and reviewing a book by author Yolanda Shanks titled Not Hears Only but Doers.
-Later this week some of us celebrate our freedom from eternal hell as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Messiah Yeshua, who lives up to His Name which means salvation! By His stripes we are healed, announces the Prophet Isaiah in his prophesy foretelling this event, Isaiah chapter 53. Take it personally!
-To conclude here are some other song titles I noted about persevering.
I keep On (Rising Up) Mike Doughty.
Anyway - Martina McBride
Can't Back Down - Demi Lovato
Change - Taylor Swift
How Mercy Looks From Here - Amy Grant
I Ain't Through - Keyshia Cole.
Keep Going - Taio Cruz
--Meantime, Kevud Yeheveh, His presence accompany us through the myriad scenarios of life!
Mellow Roc, (David)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crimia Cats

Crimia Cats
by David Russell
My name is Gizmo and I live in the Ukrain but have been taken in by a kindly older woman who also provides shelter for my kind, over 50 of us in her small home. We are still fairly independent as a race though our human counterparts have seemingly fallen on hard times with a recent move to join up with the country of Russia. I used to wander the streets and would hear the music of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, meow that name, and thought Russia must be majestic as indicated in his music corpus. Yet, it isn't necessarily so if addictions and hard times are a problem for many of Russia's citizens. What is a cat to do?

I belong to the catawamput Society along with Buster, Dailey, Max, Sam, Ginger, Puss, and Smatha, and at our last meeting we came up with a plan to help our human Crimianites.
"On October 1st we will release all the meow-mustered fury we can and have it spread to Russia and one V Putin," Smatha urged. "I will be there puttin on the charm and seduce that man into relinquishing his desire for Crimia," Tabby added. "I have the keys to the kingdom, and everything is in readiness," reported Jake. "All the networks have been alerted, and we will honor the Crimian woman who houses many of our kind," I shared confidently with the group.

The sun shown brightly over Crimia as October 1st approached. Something was about to occur that would affect catenoids, catnappers, catbirds, catchers, cattails and even the catechetic that would change history and perception of it forever. Tabby had gone over on September 29th and spent the next 2 days shmoozing, cajoling, flirting, cunning, catering to Putin and his cabinet who were quite taken with her. They liked how she would tend to them, rubbing against their leg and meowing ever so sweetly. The affect of her charm was truly aesthetic on these middle-aged, varying degrees of overweight, pompous types.

"Citizens of Crimia, we are going to aid our human kind in getting back their freedom to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness like our friends in the USA. I am opening every zoo, every mouse trap, every bird cage, every catworks, and we are going to release catenas and catholes to send the Russian Government a message they will never forget. It will rival the plagues in Egypt recorded in the Biblical book of Exodus," I said to the gathering throng at Crimia Square. Cheers and calls of support were instantaneously heard in almost deafening measure. Even those diagnosed as catacaustic were behind us and they are noted for never changing, stuck-in-the-mud types. The caterers provided us plenty of Cat-Man-Do and we feasted as we forged ahead with our plan to aid humanity.
Jake and Maggie threw the switch and all of a sudden every rat, mouse, catbird, raven, crow, vulture, cathole, asshole, catworm with momentous power and strength were transported to Russia and descended on the likes of Premier Putin and his cabinet. They were bitten, scratched, cawed at, broke out in boils and within 2 hours relinquished their claims on Crimia and set the nation free to govern itself as it had.

Once word reached Crimia of the success of this breakdown, partying, parades, fanfair, and plenty of caterwauling occurred spontaneously. The catawamputs were instantly globally famous and made appearances on stages and media outlets internationally, and formed a coalition with the International Red Cross to aid suffering men, women, boys and girls over the world. There theme song or anthem was Cry Me A River.


Monday, February 17, 2014

***** Minding Frankie by Mave Binchy (novel)

Hello Grafted In Reader,
Winter is moving right along with the month of February too better than half over.
-I started reading a lengthy novel this past week which this post references as its title, "Minding Frankie" and as a review on Good Reads put it, "a tale of joy, heartbreak and hope, about a motherless girl collectively raised by a close-knit Dublin community."
-In reviewing some discussion about this book on Good Reads, I learned the author, Mave Binchy, is no longer with us but lived nearly 70 years. So, this is either her last work, or close to it as I can glean.
-It's a good book for a parent, grandparent, young person, church or synagogue attendee, young professional, and respond to the twists and turns herein that Ms. Binchy as an author intriguingly assembles.
Kevud Yeheveh, His presence be with us today in our challenges and accomplishments.
Mellow Roc