Friday, March 20, 2015

May You Shine - song by Zemer Levav

Hello and Happy Spring Grafted in Readers,
This time of year those of faith turn to recall the events leading to our redemption, where we pass over from death to life, as accomplished for us by our Messiah Yeshua!
I recently heard a song titled, "May You Shine" by singer Zemer Levav. A recording can be found on YouTube, not the best quality but a very quality prayer. God wants the best for us and wants his best, "that we may be one" His prayer in the New Covenant, John chapter 17.
-Spring time also turns our thoughts toward outdoor days and enjoying more hours of sun-light. All given to us by our Creator, God, King of the universe!
As the song requests, "May you shine like the stars in the heavens, and be clothed in all white;
may you dwell like those in the Temple and eat of the Tree Of Life."

Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be ever new to us!
Mellow Roc
-Comments always appreciated!

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