Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Soul Trusts In Thee by Roeh Israel Worship Team

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Thursday June 15 in my corner of blog-land. Earlier, I was listening to some Hebraic Messianic music from an online station called Chavah Messianic Radio. When they play songs sung by Paul Wilbur, Zemer Levav, Sons of Korah, and now - the Roeh Israel Worship Team, my being benefits and so may yours!

The song I heard by the worship team reflects on the time when God gave the ten words at Mt. Sinai to the Exodus, (children of Israel), and, time in life when G-d makes himself known to us, and we say yes to the relationship, taking on His name. When you and I assume someone's name either through marriage or a working relationship, i.e., let's say employee, you agree that your behavior will demonstrate something good and positive and noteworthy about that name. We are not alone, an island, left to our own devices though sometimes life may feel fragmented.

I want to close this post with an excerpt from a daily reflection I read titled "Today's Word Study" by Skip Moen. It's advisement is simple, but truly necessary when you and I take on a name, especially the name of Yaweh!

We put on the “clothing” of deeds, thoughts, words and attitudes in order that what was hidden can be seen.
Today you can be clothed in God’s image. Just do what He does and be radiant!

Kevod Yeheveh,

Mellow Roc

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