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Guest Post by Ester T, (Rice Bran Oil Use and Benefits

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I am very pleased to let you know Ester T has provided us another informative guest post. We will learn about rice bran oil and its benefits to overall health. Thank you for viewing her previous post, June 2nd. I hope we will be seeing her often at our blog in blog-land.

Note: For those interested in my previous post concerning a church denomination providing transgender clergy benefits for sex-change operation, see previous post dated June 7th.

Now, some welcomed words from Ester.
The health benefits of rice bran oil include its ability to lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, help prevent cancer, improve skin health, help in weight loss, relieve menopausal symptoms, protect your heart, increase cognitive strength, and lower allergic reactions.
Rice bran oil is extracted from the germ and the husk of rice kernels. It has a very high smoke point, which is why it is commonly used in high-temperature cooking methods, such as stir frying and deep frying.
It is most widely praised for its content of vitamin E to speed up wound healing, increase cellular regeneration, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, and provide protection from sunburn, its ideal fatty acid balance, antioxidant capacity, and cholesterol-lowering abilities, has the best possible composition of monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats that help reduce Cholesterol level, protects your heart. 
Rich source of antioxidants, that free radicals causing healthy cells to mutate into various types of cancerous cells in the body are neutralized. Free radicals can attack the skin cells and increase the signs of premature aging
Weight Loss Efforts:Although rice bran oil  is technically high in calories, but the viscosity of rice bran oil actually means that the food only absorbs about 20% of the oil. When less oil is absorbed, the food still retains the flavor and gets the health benefits of the rice bran oil,  so rice bran oil is probably your best choice if you’re worried about your weight.
Rice bran oil is high in fiber, which can improve digestion, unless you have an existing gastrointestinal tract condition. . Only use rice bran oil for cooking when you need it, and in moderation!

Thank you Ester.

Kevod Yeheveh, His Presence be with us in our health choices.
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