Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Re-post: The Laconic Nap by David Russell

Hello Grafted in Reader!
Today is July 28 and hope you are finding yourself to be noting your freedom, forgiveness, for the fandanglement you may have gotten yourself in or perhaps not; only you and Messiah know.. Bless the Lamb of G-d who takes away the sin of the world!

I am re-posting a story- "The Laconic Nap" (David Russell) that remains here from over a year ago. It is still relevant today. You and I may be the ones who give the story, the word, the smile, the song, the time, the prayer, the thought, the listening ear, the hand, the facial expression, and it leaves a lasting effect on a known or unknown someone. Hallelujah! Enjoy "The Laconic Nap" once again.

The Laconic Nap
by David Russell
March Gold

"Nap, you sure did a good job on finishing the tables in the Oak Dining room. We will keep you around here for a long time," Encouraged Mrs. OShea who managed the Dylan Hotel in Dublin City.
"Thank you mam, my pleasure. I am going to relax now and catch some rugby games on TV," He informed her.
A few hours later, mid afternoon, Nap got on the bus to go to a local art gallery where he liked to gaze at the exhibits and watch the people. On arrival, he saw a 15-year-old girl crying with tears streaming down her face.
"The jerk broke up with me. What a bastard. I gave him plenty and he broke up with me,"
"Miss, I have something for you that might not cure your disappointment but it will help some time. My name is Nap, here, take this," as he handed her a sample of Gold Bond Lotion.
"It has been providing healing since 1908."
Smiling slightly she thanked Nap for his gift. They both parted company and went about their business.
Four days later, Nap was watching a group of youngsters play basketball at the local school yard. Suddenly, a tall lad turned away from the group as he landed on his foot the wrong way possibly twisting his ankle.
"Here Lad, my name is Nap. Take this warm cream home and apply it to your foot tonight." Somewhat baffled the lad took the cream thanking the laconic man.
-The next Sunday Nap went to a church service he liked to attend. He sat next to a family who were seemingly quite close and sang out when the congregation engaged in song. At the end of the service, they invited him to lunch at Ryans, a victorian pub on Parkgate Street. Talking over stew about their interests, they discovered all lived in the colonial town of Burma at one time. As they departed, he gave each a tube of Gold Bond Lotion to remember their time together.

"Listen here you old geezer. Hand over your wallet, or you're a dead man," the thug said to Nap as he held the knife to his back.
"I don't have a wallet. I have something that has ....
Suddenly the thug shoved the knife into Nap's back and he cried out in pain. Falling to the Dublin street, blood began to ooze from his mid back coarsing down and staining his clothes. A crowd gathered and the thug was soon apprehended by the police.
Dateline Dublin Monday
The Laconic Man known to many as Nap was struck down last evening on a Dublin street by thugs. He was stabbed multiple times in the back, and pronounced DOA when taken to the local city hospital. Nap had no immediate family, but the city were his family as he handed out samples of Gold Bond Lotion to any whom seemed to need it.
"Mr. Nap saved me from committing suicide, one teenager told the newspaper. She had gone through a break-up and outside the art gallery Nap had given her a tube of Gold Bond.
The family he dined with came to his funeral and paid the expenses for him to have a decent burial.
The Gold Bond company during March would consider putting his image on their tubes as a memorial to his humanitarianism.
Nap, otherwise known to a select few as Napoleon did not conquer his world but was active in it helping others conquer what may have been vexing them and or causing them to feel frenzied.

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