Thursday, April 17, 2014

Don't Kick The Chair - Dia Frampton (perseverance)

Hi Grafted In Reader,

I want to thank for compiling a list of songs that deal with the good old verb, persevere, and wonder do you remember the addage, chin up?
-This has been quite an eventful week for yours truly and collectively us as humanity.
-Some started out celebrating the historic event of our Messiah Yeshua's triumphant entry into Jerusalem known to the Christian world as Palm Sunday. It has other names down through history which someone has posted at
Not Another Episcopal Blog, see entry for Sunday April 13 2014 if so interested.
-The week continued with the stellar lunar eclipse on Monday night, Tuesday morning. I was enthralled by a webcast of the event offered by the Slooh Observatory from the Canary Islands of South Africa. Visit to learn more if so interested.
-Personally the week continues with a decision to make a change and look for new employment.
-I am also reading and reviewing a book by author Yolanda Shanks titled Not Hears Only but Doers.
-Later this week some of us celebrate our freedom from eternal hell as we celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of our Messiah Yeshua, who lives up to His Name which means salvation! By His stripes we are healed, announces the Prophet Isaiah in his prophesy foretelling this event, Isaiah chapter 53. Take it personally!
-To conclude here are some other song titles I noted about persevering.
I keep On (Rising Up) Mike Doughty.
Anyway - Martina McBride
Can't Back Down - Demi Lovato
Change - Taylor Swift
How Mercy Looks From Here - Amy Grant
I Ain't Through - Keyshia Cole.
Keep Going - Taio Cruz
--Meantime, Kevud Yeheveh, His presence accompany us through the myriad scenarios of life!
Mellow Roc, (David)

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