Friday, June 20, 2014

This May Be Your Waterloo - Self-Inventory

Hello Grafted In Readers,
I want to begin by saying this post may be more for those who consider themselves believers and or Christians.
-The thoughts are taken from the "Line Of Fire Blog" by Dr. Michael Brown, June 17, 2014 published on Charisma.
-With the main line church in North America i.e. Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, United Church of Christ, Congregational, any attending these denominations have some serious soul searching to do.
-What is considered sinful today in a few years could become socially acceptable because God is revealing new things, is the mantra voiced by leaders in these bastians of Sacramentalism.

I Refuse to Accept the Status-Quo American Version of Christianity

I refuse to believe that what we see in churches across America is what God planned for His people. I refuse to believe that it is the God-intended norm.

The Word of God is against it.

Church history is against it.

What the Spirit is doing around the world is against it.

What I have experienced in my own life is against it.

Everything inside of me is shouting, "There must be more! We must go deeper!" Is that same voice shouting inside of you?
Kevud Yeheveh, His presence cause you and I to journey as He directs..

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Suzanne said...

When you have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit by Almighty God, the actions of those around us cause us to understand whom one or many are serving. I am studying Jeremiah now, and God himself sent him to tell His word. He was rejected by all and lived a very tortured life. Through his story I am reminded to Stand firm in His word and always know that no one can take God from you.
Being a follower of God is not a road traveled by many, but as I study His word, peace the surpasses all understanding guides me through this turbulence that exists in every facet of my life.
John says it best, Jesus says to the leaders of Judaism that they are serving their father, THE DEVIL. They were adamant that there stance was absolutely the perfect way to follow God and that their religion was virtually with no mistakes. They were shocked at what Jesus was saying to them. They had no idea they were enslaved to their ideas. And in the end, serving the Devil. And also in the book of John he makes it very clear that the world belongs to the Devil and that those who are of God will never reconcile with those who are of Satan.
Its a clear message. But not a message that anyone wishes to hear, nor tell you.
Most people want to live the way they want to live, and say they are a christian. They are not interested in living for Jesus. They are not interested in the words of Deuteronomy. Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your soul and with all of your might.
That would require you to think of He that is in me, before all else.
That would require putting ME aside and letting Him reside.
So, in the end, this is not my battle. This conversion, or meeting of the minds. If it is so, He will deem it to be. I am too busy following the words of Deuteronomy . And He leads me where I go, and if that happens to be in front of my pastor telling him I find his sermon or anyone else's sermon to not be of His word, I do so. Or if I find one of my brothers or sisters following the devil, I say it. Because I can only stand in His word. I can not study the actions of every living being and then try to justify my perspective. That would be futile. I bloom where I am planted. And if, one day I am in front of the world, and God asks me to share his word, I would do it at any cost. I would rejoice in that. But for now, I take care of this little patch of garden that is He has given me charge over. I think that we all have our own plot, and if we all would just tend to our space with which he has anointed us, we could make more progress. Why should you be frightened to do so if it is His word you are living in? I go to my pastor with no trepidation. I will look any one in the eye that says they stand firmly in His word but then serves the devil blatantly and question the actions there in of.
Oh, no, I am not greeted by many with open arms. But I am greeted as if I were Jesus himself by those who believe in Him. And that is all that I can hope for in this lifetime. For it is not the many I serve. It is The Lord my God whom I serve, for all the days He gives me breath. Praise be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost!
Because in the end, I hope that we will be walking through that very tiny gate where many shall not enter.
There is much to do, in my own garden, yours too?