Thursday, July 22, 2010

I would rather do it myself! -headache relief commercial 1960s

Hi and shalom!
Have you ever had prayers answered seemingly in quick fashion, like the turn-around time expected on a given project that you are responsible for ensuring happens?
That happened for me this week to where I could observe it, God has great turn-around time on our petitions.
I have been working on a novella that will take longer to get out there then I dreamed. Also the method it will get out there and form are probably being worked out as I write this.
Someone shared, ultimately we want to do God's will not our own, I say oops.
Still feel the frustration though that was stated by a flustered mom in that 60s headache commercial, I would rather do it myself!
The other was from another friend who shared with me on living and working with other believers even though my perspective is a minority one. Read this:
Find the most open-minded and thoughtful Christian community you can.
Study on your own.
Truly be in community.
Here's the toughy, resist the urge to see other Christians in your church as inferior or "your students" as it were.
Speak out humbly and strategically, and only occasionally, in favor of non-supersessionistic ways of expressing God's plan.

That means worship where you have been, look for a on line or phone conference call situation where others discuss the torah, and keep on placing your will and life in the care of Adnonai.
It may save on Excedrin, Tylenol and perhaps more frustration than is needed..
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Leticia said...

God should always come first and have prayer and devotional time is what keeps us close to Him.

Great advice, my dear friend!