Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bound For Freedom - excerpt

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We haven't spent much time the past few posts in the book title, Bound for Freedom by Goran Larsson, and thought it was good time to return to this.
The annual Torah reading cycle begins Deuteronomy this week, the first 3 chapters.
Deuteronomy is thought to be Moses' synopsis of the wilderness years and by God's direction, encourages Joshua and the sojourners to continue walking with our LORD.
With Mr. Larsson, we last visited his title as he was discussing the feast of Pentecost. I pick up there.
"Pentecost is no less a part of God's miracle of liberation than is Passover. Therefore it is crucial that every generation places itself at Mt. Sinai, listens to the same heavenly voice, and utters the same confession as their forefathers.
The words of Torah should be new to you as though they were given this very day. It is well-known that the liberation from Egypt is celebrated year after year at Passover. We also know fairly well how this feast has been celebrated throughout the ages. How Pentecost has been celebrated is less known.
While the two other pilgrimage feasts, Passover and Tabernacles (Spring and Fall respectively) are assigned a detailed tractate in the Mishnah, there is only sparse information in the Rabbinic literature about Pentecost--Shavuot.
Note: This next paragraph fits well with Deuteronomy.
-The desert period is approaching its end. The Sinai experience is now in the past. Moses therefore emphasizes the Lord our god made a covenant with us at Horeb. Not with our ancestors did the Lord make this covenant, but with us who all of us here alive today! See Deuteronomy 5:2.
Further, in Moses' speech addressing the "renewed covenant" to be made before entering the promised land, he includes even future generations in
the covenant, (see Deuteronomy 29:10-15). The covenant involves being established as His people that He may be their God as He promised you and swore to your ancestors.
Obedience and Legalism. "All that you have spoken, we will do." (Exodus 24:7).
"Do and hear." Exodus chapters 19 through 24 are fused into a unity expressing the conditions, content, and mutuality of the covenant. "Do and hear" concretely introduces what faithfulness the covenantal relationship implies.
It is how all the commandments and ordinances given in the tablets of the covenant and the book of the covenant are to be received and realized in daily life..

His presence accompany us today as we hear and do His word and will in our lives. Be strong in the LORD!
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