Wednesday, June 3, 2009


his is my first attempt at blogging but the subject at hand is a familiar one to those who share interest in the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith. There are blogs a plenty on this but am hoping to meet some new folks through this means and share together what latest thing, concept, word, insight we have been privileged to gain. I have been a believer much of my life, middle-aged and married, see profile. Unique to me, I am an out of sight guy, have been since infancy due to premature birth and optic nerves becoming split from incubation; lucky or rather blessed to be here.. Favorite authors in this realm include: J. K. McKee, Tom Bradford, Lois Tvertberg, Marvin Wilson and about to embark on a book by Gordon Larsson titled Bound For Freedom, commentary on the Tanakh book of Exodus. I hope you might say hi, and will post 2 or 3 times a month. If interested, you can view columns I have written titled Shalom Reader that appear in the Pilgrim Lutheran Church newsletter, go to their web site. I don't have the URL in front of me. Meantime, shalom and thanks for reading and responding. Mellow Roc


Leticia said...

Glad to see your new blog is up and running!! And I am honored to be the first visitor and I am sure I will come by often.

Anonymous said...

Mellow Roc - You are how God made you, a unique miracle. We all are. I too enjoy Lois Tvertberg's book 'Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus'. Better understanding the Jewish faith, traditions and sense of family has made the entire Bible come alive. I am newer to this so I likely will goof with respect to Hebrew, etc. but I am anxious to learn and love the Lord more. Shadow