Saturday, June 6, 2009

bonhomie to you

It is just a little before noon on this Shabbat, Sabbath, Saturday, and listening to some praise music from the UCB channel. I want to thank the 2 folks who sent comments on my first blog, thanks warmly and hope you will feel free to leave more as time passes.. I like acquiring words of the day from and saw the above word, bonhomie, which means good natured. For me, that can result when at peace with G-d, others, family, and myself. I know the grumps too, ask my wife and kids about that.. Do you think being good natured is a trait that might be something a believer should possess, is there a place for the grump too? See you again soon, probably in a couple days..


Doug Ward said...

Well, as it says in Ecclesiastes, there's a time for everything. A time to be happy, a time to be grumpy, a time to be be bashful, a time to be sleepy, a time to be sneezy, a time to be dopey..... (Eccl 3, New Disney Translation)

Anonymous said...

"Good natured" of course we are. We are created in G-d's image. We are also created with feelings and attitude. Now sometimes we can flirt with evil forces and desires of the flesh and that will provoke a few feelings from G-d too. Afterall He is a jealous G-d and He cares what we do and how we do it. Shadow.