Monday, January 30, 2017

Sample: Waiting For Messiah by David Russell and Others

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is January 30, 2017 in my corner of blog land. Winter has returned, although in a mild form with at least an inch of snow outdoors and temps seasonal. That's fine with me. I continue reading the memoir of former US First Lady, Laura Bush, wife of former US President George Bush. She has an interesting story and background in both writing and teaching. Their twin girls are named after their respective mothers. The book is titled, Spoken From The Heart by Laura Welch-Bush.

I continue to be involved with work on two anthologies. One is on the theme of forgiveness and will tentatively be released in Spring.

The second, Waiting for Messiah, tentatively will be released late summer. It will feature about fifteen stories or poems centered around first century citizens of Israel awaiting the arrival of Messiah and what the wait may have been like for them. The authors are doing a very fine job at imagining likely emotions and circumstances in retelling certain Bible accounts. I am contracting outside assistance to copy edit these stories and may publish either with Lulu or KDP Direct. Here is an excerpt of one of the potential pieces that I have written.

Musings Of A God-fearer
© David Russell

An upheaval has come that will reshape the lives and identities of people of faith throughout Israel for an inordinate time to come. Our city and its treasures lie in ruin: treasures of pottery made by our people are but shards; a treasury of ideas, produced by the minds of our people, have been rendered senseless and chaotic; even our greatest treasure, the Temple, the earthly dwelling of Adonai,
Who lives and reigns forever, is despoiled.
A great wailing is heard, for our temple is destroyed. Holiness and mercy were present in this
dwelling-place made for Adonai by His people. Where, now, will we find peace from our travails,
mercy for our transgressions, convergence with that which is holy?

The fragrance of our offerings to Adonai is replaced in our nostrils by a lingering, acrid stench issuing
from caustic decrees made by a merciless world power bent on global domination!

The conflict has been simmering and boiling for months, years, generations.
Conflict dressed as old opposing new; together follow only Adonai as our G-d, versus discordantly follow Adonai and any other gods of one's choosing; bring on the miracles to show us Messiah,
versus grant us wisdom, self-realization, understanding, and peace.

Adonai, Blessed be He, knows our Messiah from before creation of the world.
- Adonai knows the name of Messiah.
- Adonai knows on what date the Messiah will arrive.
- Adonai knows when and how the Messiah will establish his kingdom.

" His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." (Isaiah 9:6)

Meantime, Kevod Yeheveh, his peace be yours today and tomorrow.
Mellow Rock
David Russell

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