Thursday, September 8, 2016

Messianic Jewish Artists (Marty Goetz)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Sept. 8, Thursday, in my corner of blog land.

For those who keep record or observe the Appointed Times, we are in the month of Elul. This period leads to the high holidays and end with the observance of Feast of Tabernacles and the conclusion of the current Torah cycle and beginning anew.

For those who are new to this and not so new, I would encourage you to feed your soul by listening to some music by Jewish believer, Marty Goetz. You can find his songs on YouTube.

In Particular, "Those Who Trust In The Lord" and "Lamb of God" are two of my favorite by him.

Trust, grace, faith, righteousness, justice, holiness, and sacrifice are not terms or concepts that are exclusive to Protestant and Catholic Christianity. They go all the way back to creation. So, over the next few days enjoy some Messianic music and even try an online service called Chavah Messianic Radio. You might enjoy some of what you hear!

God be with us in this time and season,

Mellow Roc

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