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Fictional Story: Once Was Enough, David Russell

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-Below, is another one of my fictional creative efforts. The story is titled, "Once Was Enough", yours truly, David Russell, the author.

The story is set in Boise, Idaho, and about that town dealing with an incident that nearly got out of hand at the fictional football game between BSU and BYU. Feedback welcomed as comment here, Facebook, or where you can find me.

Once Was Enough
by David Russell

Mary and Gene were embarking on enjoying the carefree golden years of life that they had most assuredly earned. Mary had taught in the Boise school system for 28 years, and Gene had worked at the Idaho Power as a lineman for Ada County for 30 years. They had known each other since high school and married after Mary graduated from BSU in 1983.

On a warm afternoon in August, Gene and Mary were busy at cleaning the garage.

"This is sure one of those thankless tasks in life," Gene observed. He continued,
"It has been two years since this city observed its 150th birthday and I'm still recovering from the

"To think we had to spend last year redoing our lawn from all the assholes who used it as public parking," Mary commented.
"I think it's because the city fathers failed to put boundaries on the celebration. All they could think of were the city coffers."

"Yeah, and the church. They about ruined the grounds treating it like a free-for-all. Glad we raised Abigail to be a respectable citizen," Mary said.

"Well at least we got our home back to normal, painted the exterior, replaced the furnace, and put in new carpet since then," Gene added replacing a box of nails on a higher shelf.

"I'm glad the Feds saw fit to give a sizable grant to help home owners refurb their properties after this shindig," Mary recalled. Mary took a moment to give the garage floor a once-over with the broom.

"Abigail and Dennis are going to meet us for dinner at that eatery by the foothills. Dennis just got promoted in his job at Hewlett Packard," Mary said.

"When are we meeting them?"

"About 5:30."

"We have plenty of time then. Frankly, I could use a little nap after being out here since 10 o'clock," Gene said with a partial yawn.

"Sounds good to me. Let's shower first though."

Abigail and Dennis lived in Meridian which was a nice short drive from Boise. Abigail worked for the public radio station hosting "Morning Edition" five days a week. She also was on staff at the art museum as an event planner. Dennis was in the accounting department at HP, and were a happy double income couple with no children as of yet.

Arriving at the Hamlet Bar and Grill, the two couples chose a corner booth. The grill served good rib-eye steaks and had a varied burger menu. Potato skins were a favorite appetizer on the menu. The crowd was modest for an early Saturday evening.

"It has been quite the week in the news business. It never ceases to amaze me how a major terrorist event like that in Paris can grab front, center and the seeming perimeter of a given news day; I wish I still hosted Morning Classics. At least listeners got a break from all the shit that happens in the world."

"Well they got reminded hourly of all the shit," Dennis quipped.
"Hey you two," Mary quipped.

"Speaking of having life rough, earlier today Gene was complaining about the Boise Birthday bash and how it nearly wrecked him," Mary stated.

"I agreed with you though about the payback we got out of it though. Tell the whole story, honey," Gene said waving his straw at Mary.
"By the way my dear wife, you were the one griping about the church property," Gene stated in defense. Dennis chuckled to feign interest.

Just then a server came over and took their dinner order. Moments later he brought back a basket of potato skins to the foursome. Enjoying the atmosphere and appetizing away,
Dennis said,
"On Monday the Square Knights are having a planning meeting. You want to join us this year,"

"One of these times. Not sure it'll be this time, but we will see."

The Square Knights were numbered a small group of guys whose activities were ultra-conservative in scope. Some felt they made Fox News or the National Review look like leftist media representatives.

"We are planning a big protest deal at the BYU/BSU football game in October. It's all about this hydraulic fracking stuff," Dennis stated.
"Hydraulic fracking? Seems like I read where a town in Pennsylvania had water problems over that," Abigail stated.

"Not just there, other places too. The oil companies want to keep drilling at the well-being of others," Dennis continued.

"Just when did you say this Knights meeting occurs<" Gene inquired?

"The meeting is at 7 on the third floor of the BSU Student Union," Dennis informed.

Moments later the burgers arrived and also an acoustic singer by the name of Claudia Schmidt took to the platform as the evening entertainment. She was still a major folk singer, but had been around since the late 1980s. She appeared well for being truly on the backside of 30.


The Square Knights were assembled. Their presiding officer, Rick Horn, called the meeting to order. Close to 25 men were in attendance. Moments later, Gene ambled in choosing a seat in the back row. Dennis noting his appearance gave him a slight wave of recognition.

"First Saturday in October, we are going to make our presence known at the BSU versus BYU football game. We have a number of volunteers from the think tank, BSU, that will sporadically wave banners announcing our position on hydraulic fracking. Then during the fourth quarter it'll all come down. Even ESPN will become a news channel then," Rick stated to the group.

"Are the wildlife and mother earth types going to participate," asked an attendee.

"Yes, word has it about 500 persons will emerge from the stand and enter the field between the third and fourth quarter. It will be a peaceable demonstration, 10 minutes maximum," Rick stated.

"Are we going to sit together or at random," Dennis inquired.

"Nearby one another in the main section of the stadium."

"The Northwest has not seen anythying like this since the KKK days or SDS days, and it's high time to awake from apathy," stated a balding 40-something member from the back, seated near Gene..

Gene scratched his head becoming uncomfortable as the talk continued about the first Saturday in October.

"Joe Blocker head of Campus Security is in our corner. This is opposite terrorism but some will probably be ticked that we interfered with the football game. Better that than hospital bills for ingestion of unhealthy drinking water from the chemical B2," Rick said.

Gene squirmed in his seat noting a banner in front of the room. The statement read,
Roctober, time to be sober.

"Hey Gene, are you going to join us," Dennis inquired turning to face Gene from his seat.

"Um, Mary and I have plans to be out of town that weekend. Maybe next time."

Gene felt pretty good about coming up with a plausible excuse on such quick notice. They generally spent football Saturdays with their friends, Jeff and Patti.

"Will you have explosives and guns there or what," Gene questioned.
A moment of laughter ensued from those attending.
"No, something more subtle but just as efficient. We are not that stupid," Rick answered.

Plans were finalized for the consortium to meet in front of the stadium ninety minutes before game time. Joe Blocker, Security Manager with the University was in approval of the group's awakening and would not block their measures to make their point heard and known. He prided himself on being informed by media types like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. In his mind conservative talk radio listeners had turned the proverbial twenty-one years of age, and listeners could now do as they pleased to express their frustration with business as usual in the good old USA!

The school year was underway without incident and Boise turned its attention to the Broncos and hopefully another winning season. They won their first three games in September and lost a close fourth game on a field goal to the MSU Spartins. The next game would be with Brigham Young University which too enjoyed a noteworthy college football history. The game would be sold out and nationally carried on ESPN.

The day before the game, Gene and Mary were having breakfast at home. Gene had slept marginally for three days straight as Saturday was on his mind.

"Dennis and that Knight group have something planned during the football game. Not sure what, but it has me worried."

"Have you talked with anyone about this?"

"Only you. I don't think anyone would believe me."

"I believe you," Mary said as she placed her hand on Gene's forearm.

"Patti and Jeff are coming over to watch the game with us. That still okay?"

"Yeah, I enjoy their company. We can play Uno after the game, that is unless," Gene did not complete his thought.

Abigail had been called at the news desk by someone anonymous on the preceding Thursday. She informed campus security of the call and played a recording to its head admin, Joe Blocker.

"We will be watching Abby. Boise has a nice rep across the country and we don't want it spoiled. Last thing we need is to get bad press like that University in Missouri just did over what," Joe said slapping his desk with the palm of his hand.

"Actually over quite a bit, all related to respect and integrity. By the way Joe, I did tell Idaho Public Radio about this, so it will be watched at the state level," Abby confided.


"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Saturday game, our first of three on ESPN. Today the BSU Broncos are hosting BYU. Both have great starts to the season, and this promises to be another close scoring cliffhanger," stated the ESPN TV announcer. In the background the BSU band performed and pumped the crowd with frequent repetition of the school fight song.

"I have all of us scheduled to sit in the main section. At the end of quarter #3 we rise and collectively take to the field with our banners," Dennis informed the collective. One fan overheard and did not show an expression of approval or disapproval. The teams appeard and after formalities, the game began. BYU scored first when a completed pass resulted in a 60 yard run by its QB. The extra point was good. BSU tied the game just before the half.

At the beginning of the third quarter, gray clouds dissipated giving way to a very cool and sunny afternoon in the treasure valley. Both teams scored again, and BYU succeeded with a two-point conversion. Thus, the score was fifteen to fourteen after three quarters.

Suddenly, the theme from "Star Wars" played over the PA system and hundreds of spectators left their seats to enter the field. Signs and banners waved calling for the end to fracking. One mistakenly read, end to flipping, waved by a young teenage-looking boy.

ESPN assumed a live news reporting mode and stayed neutral so as not to alarm viewers or encourage others to exercise their personal angst.

"Hey, do you see Dennis, red sweater, waving a banner and smiling widely," Patti said.

"I knew this was going to happen. He is in some group that planned this little demo," Gene said.

"Think anything will come of it," Jeff asked.

Before anyone answered, Joe Blocker took to the podium and gave an unexpected announcement:

"Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to our attention that the progressive group, Post-Moderns For Justice, attempted to ingest harmful chemicals into the University water supply during this game. A reporter from Idaho Public Radio spotted a small collective gathered near the filtration plant and alerted us right away to the planned terrorist effort. We honor the Square Knights for indirectly protecting life, liberty and the continued pursuit of academic excellence!"

A big robust cheer and ovation lasting several minutes was offered by the spectators on both sides of the field. The Square Knights were truly the victors that football Saturday. The Broncos too, shared in the momentum by scoring twice in the final quarter. They won the game over BYU, twenty-seven to fifteen, as the sense of victory was shared by many.


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