Monday, February 17, 2014

***** Minding Frankie by Mave Binchy (novel)

Hello Grafted In Reader,
Winter is moving right along with the month of February too better than half over.
-I started reading a lengthy novel this past week which this post references as its title, "Minding Frankie" and as a review on Good Reads put it, "a tale of joy, heartbreak and hope, about a motherless girl collectively raised by a close-knit Dublin community."
-In reviewing some discussion about this book on Good Reads, I learned the author, Mave Binchy, is no longer with us but lived nearly 70 years. So, this is either her last work, or close to it as I can glean.
-It's a good book for a parent, grandparent, young person, church or synagogue attendee, young professional, and respond to the twists and turns herein that Ms. Binchy as an author intriguingly assembles.
Kevud Yeheveh, His presence be with us today in our challenges and accomplishments.
Mellow Roc


Anonymous said...

David, I'm always looking for a new good read! I'll check this one out. Thanks so much!

David Russell said...

You are welcome. By the way I had intended to finish this novel by Friday 2/21, but moved up the date to a few days hence... Thanks for your note!