Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Won't Give Up if You Don't Give Up - 2010 song

Hi and shalom!
Today is February 1, happy month to all reading!
I think my inner eyes are going to be opened to a few realities this month which are going by faith in our Messiah, to call for me to exercise the title of our post which is from the song, Calling All Angels.
Within my family there are a couple issues that are going to need a lot of love, tough love maybe, and in the work place cooperation through times of changing technology which to my thinking aint broke so why tweak it..
On the faith front, I was recently challenged to perhaps broaden my view of the middle East a bit, and was made aware of an organization that seeks reconciliation of Israeli/Palestinian peoples through faith first and foremost in the Messiah, and practically works with the day to day issues between those peoples. I will say the main-line church tends to have it bacward, efforts plus a little faith equals co-existence.
How about faith resulting in effort equals coexistence, dear church leaders?

Here is an excerpt from their website
Two Peoples, One Voice in worship

At the end of 2010, more than 150 people assembled, stood up, and boldly made a controversial statement in the middle of Jerusalem. But in this rally hands were raised in surrender rather than grasping picket signs, voices singing in exaltation rather than shouting in anger, and a message of love, unity, and hope rather than of a political agenda. Last week we did what should be one of the most natural and obvious activities for believers, but is unfortunately an unfathomable concept for many. We simply joined together, as Israeli and Palestinian believers, and praised our Father. The Messianic Jewish Congregation Shemen Sasson of West Jerusalem and the Palestinian Christian Alliance Church of East Jerusalem teamed up along with Musalaha to host a worship event featuring not only songs in Arabic and songs in Hebrew, but also songs in both Arabic and Hebrew. With just this act, we rattled the foundations of the barriers between us.

Out of a conversation between Musalaha Director Salim Munayer and Messianic Worship Leader Sheli Meyers came the idea for the event when they agreed that the believers of the Land simply need to come together and worship. This night defied our expectations with what Sheli later expressed as “the Lord anointing us, and all who came, with a Spirit of joy and unity,” and was attended by Palestinian Christians, Palestinian-Israeli Christians, Messianic Jewish Israelis, and some international believers living in the area. This was a daunting challenge, not because of the question of the will of the people, but because of the logistical issues special to this area. While Palestinian-Israelis are permitted by Israel to travel to the Palestinian Territories, Jewish-Israelis are prohibited, and likewise Palestinians of the PA are barred from entering Israel. However, during the Christmas season, many Palestinian Christians receive permission for one month to enter Jerusalem. Musalaha, Shemen Sasson and the Alliance Church decided that the event would take place during that window of opportunity, at the end of 2010, in order that we may use the worship to look forward to oneness in the New Year.

His Presence "kevod Yehovah" accompany us today.
Mellow Roc

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Adam Collings said...

What a fantastic demonstration of Christian unity. Thanks for sharing.