Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years - Paul Simon 1970s

Hi and shalom!
Today is Wednesday January 26 and this date holds special significance for me.
Over a decade ago, my wife and I adopted our son and daughter who are now embarking on young adulthood having graduated from high school last Spring.
Today too is the birthday of my mom. She went to eternity late November after short-term illness but her memory lives on in her husband and 5 children.
This week the devotion I subscribe to, Praying the Names of God, is talking about Yeshua being the great physician. MD, psychiatrist, therapist, Rabbi all rolled into His character.
As I consider my journey today and possibly yours too, these words by the author may offer a nudge to both of us.
May the Kevod of Yehovah be with us today. (presence of God).
The next time you pray for healing, why not go out on a limb? Admit to yourself and to Christ just how desperate you are for him to touch you, body and soul. Then tell Jesus you believe in his power to heal you. Stop hedging your bets and qualifying your prayers. Ask him to glorify himself by making you a spectacle of his healing power and his great compassion. If in response you sense him asking you to do something to effect your healing, like asking others to pray for you, repenting of sin, changing your lifestyle, or seeking out the care of a specialist, do that as well. Don't limit the ways God can answer your prayer for healing grace.

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