Wednesday, March 31, 2010

counting the omer

Hi and shalom,
Today is the last day of March and Passover was on Monday evening to Tuesday evening, a Jewish day typically starts at sunset til the next sunset, and now in a 7-week period of counting the days to Shavuot/Pentecost which celebrates God communicating with us in giving the Torah and giving His Spirit, respectively at 2 separate occasions in history.
I wanted to share the daily Omer count email which I receive from UMJC, Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations.
To think of our journey as a process to be mobilized is refreshing. Each week the emphasis will be on a different aspect of the mobilization.
Here is today's sample, day 2.
As we continue 49 days of spiritual mobilization in prayer, we can pray to become mobilized ourselves. When you count the Omer tonight, ask, "Am I working on my character? Are those around me affected positively by my example of Messiah Yeshua?" Counting the Omer is a time for personal spiritual renewal, as well as for our shared emphasis on praying for the global Messianic Jewish community.

1. Recite the blessing,

Baruch atah Adonai Elohenu melech ha-olam, asher kid’shanu b’mitzvotav vitzivanu al sefirat ha-Omer.

Blessed are you O Lord our God, King of the universe,
who has sanctified us by his commandments and commanded us concerning the count of the Omer.

2. Recite the count of the Omer. “Today is day two of the Omer.”

3. WALKit! Pray for the request of the week, Working.

Are we working on our character? Are those around us affected positively by our example of Messiah Yeshua?

Pray for the character and example of Messianic Jewish believers in Israel and throughout the world to be deepened, intensified, and mobilized.

4. After you pray, put aside one dollar – or more! – to present as your offering for Shavuot on the fiftieth night.

Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations
May His presence mobilize you and I today and all we care for.

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