Saturday, February 6, 2010

Has Your Family Tried-em Powder Milk? a Prairie Home Companion

Hi and shalom,
After the morning rush here at home, listening to Morning Edition on NPR, felt it was time to say a few words about the world in which we live.
I am thankful for the new person following as well as the rest of you, and hope you will frequent often and comment whenever moved to do so! Gotta deal?
OK. Hearing about the relief effort in Haiti, establishment of short-term care being provided by hospitals across the country to victims of the earthquake in Haiti, the doings with Toyota, and preparations for the pending snowfall in and around the Washington, D.C. area this weekend, are quite a platter full to consider. There is more to life than my little world, raising 2 teens with my wife, promoting a small group study of the Jewish roots of Christianity, etc etc. However, what goes on in our respective worlds, influences the world at large probably indirectly most times but on occasion directly too.
Here's to the mechanics replacing parts on the recalled Toyota vehicles, the medical teams providing care for Hatian earthquake victims and the rest of us with major or minor maladies, the teams and venues involved in professional sports that entertain us, the lady named Denise living in metro Detroit whose tap dance club is the first of its kind in the area and performing occasionally on the east coast, to you and whatever your pursuits are relative to helping make the world a fixed place!
This past Thursday evening, my wife and I attended the cinecast of A Prairie Home Companion, and enjoyed the evening out and that 2-hour commedic form of entertainment. Elvis Costello, one of the performers is quite versatile in his talents as a singer, lyricist and actor. I did not follow him much in the 70s.
I enjoy the weekly news from Lake Wobegone and the skits, but in the cinecast, found the music to be to my liking though a bit somber overall.Well, it's time for another coffee, and to get on with the day and weekend stuff. Thanks again, let's talk soon.


Leticia said...

Of course we need to be concerned about our nation and the world. We cannot live in our homes and not be affected by what is occuring everywhere.

Our government has bankrupt this nation for generations. We are indebted to China and now we are the main source of help to Haiti.

I cannot stand idly by and be silent as I see this current administration systematically destroying the core of what this nation was founded on.

Sorry to go on and on...just speaking my peace, my friend. Good thing I have my own blog to vent, huh?

mellow roc said...

Guess what, venting is allowed!! Silence is a killer in places besides library confines.. Thanks *smile*