Thursday, August 3, 2017

Those Memories Of You (Acoustic, The Trio)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Thursday, August 3 in my corner of blog land. I titled this post "Those Memories of You" for a couple different reasons:
-The Sabbath this week follows a special date in Jewish History known as Tisha B'Av on which the Jewish people may observe a fast to mourn the destruction of the two Jewish temples in history. The theme for the upcoming Sabbath, (August 5) is "Shabbat Nachamu" which means Shabbat of Comfort. Isaiah chapter 40 is the Haftarah portion for this date. It starts, "Comfort you, comfort you my people."

-Another reason for the title, I have two close friends who recently lost loved ones, and another friend lost a job suddenly only after being hired. Loss is a part of everyone's life! Comfort is the most appropriate to give someone in times of loss be it simply listening or just acknowledgement and presence.

Turning our attention to general health, The Mayo Clinic Housecall newsletter this week had a short feature on Kombucha tea. This is a colony of bacteria and yeast mixed with sugar and tea, and allowed to ferment. The liquid contains vinegar, vitamins B, and chemical compounds.

Studies so far indicate Kombucha tea acts much like a probiotic in that it helps prevent constipation and helps protect the immune system. Side effects have included some upset stomach and some allergic reactions. It is still being studied but wise to use on occasion if at all according to the Mayo Clinic advisor.

Writing and Reading: I am well into the process of editing the anthology, Waiting For Messiah. Please pray for my editor who has some personal matters ongoing at present. She is a very important part to this effort and G-d has blessed us in being able to work together thus far. For reading, I am enjoying the novel, A Few Green Leaves, by the late Barbara Pym.

Until our next visit, Kevod Yeheveh, His presence keep you sure, strong, and comforted.

Mellow Rock

David Russell

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