Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Yeshua the Messiah a Legalist? (David Russell)

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Today is March 15 in my corner of blog land, historically known as the Eides of March. On this historic date before the common era, Roman ruler Julius Caesar was put to death as he was deemed to be too dictatorial for what several wanted from Roman rule. They wanted more leniency from Government. Several decades later, during the latter part of the first century when the Messianic believers were both consisting of Jew and non-Jew, customs and culture were being worked out. Most worshipped on the Sabbath, and many observed the "law of Moses" as it defined moral and ethical behavior toward humanity and personal regard and reverence for G-d.

According to an online article titled "Understanding Acts 15" by Robert Clanton from, he notes there are two types of gentiles, non-Jews, described throughout the Bible.

-Proselytes: This person is also called the "sojourner" as he might be regarded as Jewish in religion. The proselyte if male, is circumcised, and thus bound by the Sabbaths, 613 commandments, and may have been a God-fearer but then decided to adapt proselyte status. He made the choice.

-The God-fearer is the gentile who denied belief or adherence to foreign gods and idols regarded by pagans and other gentiles. He/she professed faith in the one true G-d. These persons were not required circumcision, but if they did observe the feast of Passover, males were to be circumcised. They were not required to keep the ceremonial law in order to "participate or enter the congregation of God." They did observe the Sabbath and other feasts out of choice and desire rather than obligation!

Today, many programs define commitment in increments of days, weeks or months. Perhaps even in terms of dollars and cents. We have taken the Jewishness out of much of our faith practice in the western world. A God-fearer today may be regarded as opposed to grace and a staunch supporter of legal Christianity. Yeshua was a legalist in that He kept the Torah perfectly and in Him was no imperfection found!

Thank you for joining us as we take a brief look back at our faith heritage. I hope you are enjoying these glimpses.

Kevod Yeheveh, His presence be with you this hour and always.

Mellow Rock
David Russell

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