Monday, January 4, 2016

Total Eclipse Of The Heart (1980s song USA)

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Wow! Today is January 4, 2016 in my corner of blog-land. We even had a small amount of snowfall this morning. The month past saw a major event occur in my 63-year-old life. On December 11, I had a mini-stroke, affecting the brain stem and was in inpatient rehab until December 29. Home therapy is beginning very soon and though some numbness and balance are concerning issues, overall I thank God, family and the healthcare providers that things are bettering!

Needless to say, health and diet will be getting my attention this year. I re-subscribed to "HouseCall" newsletter by Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, and jotted down some notes from their recent article about weight-loss goals.

-More weight is lost early on compared to later. Making an outcome goal to lose up to 10 percent of one's current body weight is realistic and wise. Walking 15 minutes daily and upping to 30 minutes is practical, as is eating five helpings of fruit or vegetables daily according to the authors.
Sample long-term or outcome goal: Lose 15 pounds in three months. Steps to get there: (1) Lose seven pounds month one; (2) Lose four pounds during months two and three.
-Expect setbacks to occur with behavior change. Plan how to keep at it when that feast, block party, or office party are planned and you want to eat all those goodies!
-Have your goals be trackable, measurable, specific, realistic and attainable.

-If interested in reading more, Google Weight Loss Goals Mayo Clinic
or refer to this post again.
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