Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"God Is Watching Us" -90s song by singer Bette Midler

Hello Grafted in Reader,
Today is May 5, and fifty-four years ago today, America sent its first man into outer space. I was in the fourth grade during that historic occasion.
I tite this post, "God Is Watching Us" which was a '90s hit by American Singer Bette Midler. Today, Psalm 33 verse 18 was the verse associated with a devotional I read by author, Skip Moen. Hope is not in things or a belief that things will get better, but looks toward Adonai and rests in the assurance of his control. The verse asserts God watches those and provides lovingkindness toward those who respect Him.

On the reading front, I am halfway through a novel by Amanda Cross titled, "An Imperfect Spy." She is somewhat liberal in her world view and body politic, but the novel is an entertaining mystery.
-Writing-wise, working on a short story for an online contest which could ultimately find a place in a published anthology. I joined a critique group, and it has been very helpful!

Content writing has slowed somewhat, so looking for new opportunities!
-Meantime, Kevod Yeheveh, His presence is ever with us.
Thanks for reading and perhaps sending a hello!
Mellow Roc

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