Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All To Do With The Moon - acoustic by Krista Detor from radio

Hello Grafted In Reader,

I am glad you stopped by to check on my latest rambling. This one may be a bit lengthy, so you are forewarned..

I chose this title because we all have occasions in daily life that either are a joy, blessing, pleasurable, or big a-nnoyance, (Annoyance). I had an acquaintance that used to call the annoyances ankle biters. I suspect that is a bit more tactful sounding than the "pain in the ass" that is a widely used summation. Mine was spending 2 hours on writing a freelance article, only to discover my info did not directly match the title. The red flag was there from the start, but somehow missed catching it!
-A joy and pleasure were to spend part of Tuesday catching up with cyber acquaintances, and last Saturday enjoying the Public Radio broadcast, Prairie Home Companion, with my spouse. It's a radio variety show of sorts and has become a Saturday "must hear" for thousands of listeners in North America and over seas too.

-One lesson learned for the faith life was actually more a reminder. Reading some personal columns or ads showed me we as a people battle instant gratification in many areas of life. It matters not so much the thing we want gratified, as it does the current attitude we possess about our life situation. I think we all experience some degree of wanting to succumb to instant gratification so the Spirit who watches out for us, flutters about us, moves our mindset to a healthier state, all verbs or actions, describing "hover" which the Spirit of God did at creation as recorded in Genesis 1. The Spirit of God, third person in the tri-unity, has not changed and hovers over each of us who invite God's presence in our life and days! May we remember as do those who embrace a 12-step program, Accept for God's grace which means favor, go I.

Kevod Yeheveh today and always!
Mellow Roc

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