Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moon River late Andy Williams

Hi and Shalom,
Today is Tuesday October 9, and the season of Fall is most definitely making its presence known in my corner of blog land.  Since last posting:  I heard from 3 readers who want to help me make this blog more known among folks on the world wide web.  Not sure if their intentions are real or imagined, so will use two tools known to humanity as procrastination and or indecision to see if they further try to encourage my contacting them.
I also heard from someone else named S K, and thank them for their introduction and a little bit about their life.  May you ever be encouraged!  
-The novella I have written is in the content editing phase, and may be ready for reading by interested folk in just a few short weeks.  It has been an exciting project to develop, and though I do not aspire to be the next John Grisham, will be happy if the fruits of my labor are rewarded with people of faith being serious about their commitment out of love for the Messiah Yeshua.
-The title of this post, Moon River, honors the standards singer Andy Williams who had a music career spanning 6 or so decades, and his autobiography is well worth reading, Moon River and Me.  Andy Williams passed away just a couple weeks ago from cancer and had a long life which touched many.Thus, the title  is to honor his life and the gift of song he left with humanity.
Will close for now, but as per usual, Kevud Yehoveh, His Presence be with you today.
I look forward to hearing from you if so inclined!
Mellow Roc

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