Monday, December 19, 2011

Praise Adonai From The Rising Of The Sun to The Ending Of The Day by Paul Wilbur

Hi and Shalom!
Today is Monday December 19, and the title of this post, is from a current song being played both on Messianic on line services and some Evangelical Christian stations here in North America, by author singer Paul Wilbur.
-You can hear the song title, Praise Adonai, Paul Wilbur, by typing it and the word Youtube, in your search engine than select to listen.

The advisement, praise Adonai which is one of God's descriptive names, coincides with these Holy Days and is a practical manner in which to express loyalty and dedication to God as His son or daughter.
We like to convey love, loyalty and praise to those we love.
Before getting consumed by "Christmas" consider the original one which was Hanukkah or Chanukkah, see pasted from Bereans on line which will conclude post.
Kevud Yehoveh, His presence accompany us today and always.


This week, at sunset on December 20, we begin the eight day feast of Chanukkah. Although in is not directly mentioned in the TaNaKh, it is mentioned in the Apostolic Scriptures (John 10:21-22). The feast of Dedication is a biblical feast, and a prophetic reminder to the faithful of a future Messianic Kingdom and His holy Temple in Jerusalem. Chanukkah is not a mere replacement for "Christmas" - it is the original, and it is actually biblical.

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