Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Four Stages of Love by Bernard of Clarivaux 12th Century

Hi and shalom,
Today is March 30 and I first need to correct word usage in my last post.
I was describing the Biblical book of Hebrews course I am taking and meant it is not for the nebbish, I had neffish. Oops, still make mistakes at age ...
This next item, Four Stages of Love, I heard referenced on the radio show,
New Life Live, show date March 29, 2011 can be accessed at
www.oneplace.com, go to link, all ministries.
Stage 4 is something to strive for, but the commentator felt most of us are at stages 1 or 2. Here is a concise descriptive.
Christianity's ancient writers often described how people mature in faith. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote about this in "Four Degrees of Love," as he described the stages of Christian love: Love of Self for Self's Sake; Love of God for Self's Sake; Love of God for God's Sake, and Love of Self for God's Sake.

The other day someone named Arlein sent this and thank her for the reminder.
Two things are hard on the heart: running up stairs, and running down people.

Next post will return to the Amidah and the third prayer in the first section known as praise.
Kevud Yehoveh, His presence accompany you today.

Mellow Roc

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God bless you, David for such an uplifting blog.

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