Monday, December 6, 2010

Comfort You My People from Oretoreo The Messiah

Hi and shalom!
Today remains chilly in my corner of the blogosphere, 25 when getting out of the sack this morning.
This time of year Holiday music is played on the radio, and I often think back to attending concert performances by the DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra) of Handel's Messiah, in the early-mid 1970s. There were plenty of solos amid the choral pieces, and the climax always seemed to be the audience standing and singing The Hallelujah Chorus with the performing orchestra and choir. Quite moving!

Someone on a forum I participate reminded us that Yeshua HaMashiach is not only
King Messiah but brother and servant Messiah to those who by faith believe in Him.
Most the liturgical churches forget He is a Jewish Savior, think of Him as a baby and then a King, and are steeped in replacement theology though many of them have professed to come out of that. Perhaps like old habits, doctrine too dies hard.
Where I attend the pastor neglected to mention Easter referring to a goddess with that name and only defined it as akin to the direction east. I politely reminded Him of the entire definition in a private email. I doubt he will change as he has a denomination principle to adhere too.
Finally, May Yeshua be your King, confidante, and Most High in your life today
and always.

Would love a holiday comment or hello from you readers, and warmly thank you for reading too.
Mellow Roc

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