Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

another manic Monday is a song lyric and melody that runs through my mind on just about any Monday.. I had a friend some years ago, who surmised Mondays were invented just to get through. Mine is busy with work, and later having some work done by remote support on my work computer. Oh well busy hands are supposedly happy ones. I just started reading a blog titled, written by a lady who is traveled, and she and her hubby are literally a married couple on the move. Though she aspouses a different lifestyle compared to one I prefer, her posts are a reminder to be genuine, be real, and God's reminder to pray that one day she may experience a fuller dimension to life with Him as her loving merciful Messiah..
I don't have any book knowledge to pass of today, but happy to have 1 follower acknowledge them self, thanks bunches :) and welcome your comments if so inclined!
His presence go with you today.

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