Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Smile (Acoustic, Madline Peyroux)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Wednesday, July 26 in my corner of blog land. It's moderately warm with the humidity about 90% F or 30 C. Hey I'm catching on as a result of listening to Canadian radio. I guess that's an advantage of living near the border of our two great countries.

I am going to focus somewhat on health this post. Did I hear a cheer?

Having re-subscribed to the Mayo Clinic newsletter, Housecall, I am going to make us aware of some of the things they think we should know about. Not a bad idea to be honest. Then, I have some news about books, reading and writing.

Did you ever hear of a exercise routine called "Pilates." It sounds like Pi-la-tees.
Evidently, it is supposed to be part of one's overall exercise routine. You can sign up for beginner classes at a local gym or YMCA or perhaps Wellness Center. You need to check with places in your area to see if these are offered. One can even do light routines on the floor using an inexpensive mat. I like that idea!
What does this exercise routine do?
According to Mayo Clinic Housecall, Pilates
- Helps minimize back pain
- Improves flexibility
- Strengthens core muscles
- Improves posture and balance.
Pilates has been around for almost 100 years. It was created by someone named Joseph Pilates.
Sorry, no exercise routines included.


Editing has begun on my anthology titled, Waiting For Messiah!
The anthology, Waiting for Messiah, Editor David C. Russell
will be published in e-book form in late September on Smashwords.
Hint. If you are a member of you might be able to secure a copy through there to review once the book is ready. Stay tuned.
I am very pleased to be working with an astute editor by the name of Connie Flanagan.
She has experience in the book world, with other writers, and in editing.

In terms of reading, I am making my way through a novel from the mid 20th century by the late Christina Stead titled The Little Hotel. I heard of her and this novel when reading
Where Are You Reading From by Tim Parks. It is not a spell-binding read but entertaining and relaxing.

I welcome comments from any of you as long as they are related to posts, or to you, and not nonsense.

Until our next visit, Kevod Yeheveh, His presence is with us in our coming and going.
The month of Elul will soon be here, which is God calling us to begin prepping for the high holidays. We'll talk about that here in brief.
Shalom and Happiness,
Mellow Rock,
David Russell

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