Friday, April 14, 2017

New Anthology, Count the Days, David and Others

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Today is Friday, April 14 in my corner of blog land. We find ourselves in the forty-nine-day period between the Festival of Passover and Pentecost known in Hebrew as Shavuot, and we will then celebrate G-d giving his Word, Torah (instruction) to Moses, the children of Israel and Hebrews of all time to aid our daily living empowered by the Spirit of G-d. We may count each day in preparation for receiving His word as direction to us. May our beings, souls, minds and hearts be clean and ready to hear what G-d wants to say to us. At evening some observe a custom called counting the omer. The following may be recited each evening.
"Blessed are you Adonai our G-d, Sovereign of the universe, who has sanctified us with your commandments, and commanded us to count the omer."

After reciting the blessing, one states the "appropriate" day of the count: This year counting began on Wednesday evening, so as of this post, tonight will be day three. After the first six days, one includes the number of weeks one counted. Example, Today is one week one day of the omer. You can read more about this by doing a Google search on "counting the omer" and suggest either My Jewish Learning, or

***** Announcement:::::

I am very, very pleased to let you know the "Forgiveness Anthology" has been sent to for publication and is reportedly available for purchase now. The title is "The Power Of Forgiveness" authors: Glenda Reynolds, David Russell and Stephanie Baskerville. There are twenty-one stories in this volume that focus on forgiving or being forgiven. They are well-written, genuine, and suggest the process is not necessarily an easy one for many of us. A Kindle edition and paperback edition are available at market prices. It would make a good reflective read! I am pleased to have two stories included. One is an adaptation based on the Bible story of Joseph and his brothers, and another, is the story of a personal acquaintance and the struggle to forgive her parent for childhood abuse.

Until next visit, may the presence of Adonai be ever near us as we lie down, wake, go about our day, ponder, piddle, play, or plow ahead at what tasks face us. I am glad for our visits!

David Russell
Mellow Rock

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