Thursday, January 19, 2017

Regards: Extraordinary Thursday!

Hello Grafted In Readers,

I titled this Blog, Extraordinary Thursday, as it is Thursday January 19 in my corner of blog-land. In the USA, it is the last Thursday that our current President serves in public office. Friday noon, we inaugurate a new President, Donald J. Trump. This blog began in 2009, during the first term of our current President Obama.

My wife and I met on a Thursday in November 1995, and since marrying in 1996, often bid each other an "extraordinary Thursday" as we part on that day of the week to begin our respective work days.

Today, I want to share three things with you: A health tip from the Mayo Clinic HouseCall newsletter, Expert Answers concerning a universal blood donor type, a reflection from "Priceless Integrity" by Rabbi Daniel Travis of, and a book or author recommend.

Mayo Clinic

The question appears about there being such a thing as a universal blood donor type?

In Expert Answers, we are reminded of the four basic blood types: Type a, Type B, Type AB and Type O. Moreover, Type O blood is classified as positive if it contains an RH factor, Rhesus; or negative if it does not contain this red blood cell antigen. In cases where there are blood transfusions, one is usually given blood that is compatible or most compatible with their blood type.

If there is an emergency situation, or life is threatened, or blood supply is nominal, then and only then, Type O negative red blood cells are administered.

Priceless Integrity
Rabbi Daniel Travis is the author of a book titled "Priceless Integrity." Installments of this are offered to email subscribers by the Orthodox Jewish site, I found this week's installment titled, Accepting The Blame, to be of interest. I have condensed it here for our purposes.

God asked, "Who told you that you are naked? Did you eat from the tree that I commanded you not to eat?"

Adam replied, "The woman that you gave to be with me, she gave me what I ate from the tree." (Bereshith # 11, 12)
Note: This is Hebrew for Genesis 3:11-12.

Excerpted Comment: R. Travis

Instead of trying to cover up his guilt, Adam should have tried to repent by admitting his misdeed. .... The ability to be honest with oneself to admit that one did something wrong, and that one is to be held responsible for it is a prerequisite for repentance."

Author Charles Bukowski

This week, I began reading the 1971 best-selling Novel titled "Post Office" a biographic memoir by the late Charles Bukowski. Some online investigation on my part and with the aid of an author acquaintance or two, reveals him to have had quite a fascinating and varied life as a writer and person. One can find some audio/visuals influenced or directly attributed to Bukowski by typing
YouTube Charles Bukowski.

Someone sent me a link that features a few poems and miniature film clips said to be by him. His novel is a bit raw, language adult, the work-place and relations described quite frankly, but yet there is something I find to be revered in this man's legacy. He in my mind is unique. Consider spending time getting to know about one of our past authors, Charles Bukowski.

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Kevod Yeheveh.

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