Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside (Song Standard)

Hello Grafted In Readers,

Today is Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016 in my corner of blog land. Yes, we had our first major snowfall on December 11, and schools across the region were canceled on Monday making many children a bit happy. I am going to do something a bit different this post and share one of my hobbies with you. I am a word collector, which comes in handy as a writer. For a few years, I have noted various sources that put out online something called The Word of The Day and have three recent ones to share with you. Try these in general conversation some time.

-Elucidate: It is a verb. It is defined to make something clear, explain. You might say, Elucidate that to me.

-this one is a couple centuries old from the French, hors de com. It can be both an adverb and adjective. It is defined as out of combat or disabled. The concussion made him hors de com.

-The final word for us is irascible: said to be an adjective. It is defined to mean easily made angry. The sentence sample says, "He was always irascible and quick to get into a fight." These are from the wordthink.com website and the Miriam Webster Dictionary website, respectively.

In Brief:
I am happy to tell you work is in progress on the anthology, Waiting for Messiah. Thus far two stories are submitted, and a third is in the works. We have a group going on Facebook, Writers Waiting for Messiah, and one on goodreads.com. Same name under, Writers 750. Stories again are imagined accounts of first-century citizens of Israel awaiting messiah. The fun is in imagining the process and finding resources to help make that realistic in description! If interested let me know at your earliest convenience.

Meantime, Kevod Yeheveh, the peace of YHVH be with you always!

Mellow Roc

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